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Posted 6/11/16
Disclosure: I have not read the mange at all. I know I am missing things.
In simplest terms, I want to know how seastone has been used against devil fruit users. Maybe even get a list going of sorts.
Here is what I know of:
Prison/ Cage: Alabasta Saga (Crocodile captured Luffy in cage)
Shackles: Everywhere...
Bullets: Dressrosa Saga (Law mentioned Doflamingo used regular bullets)

Here is what I am curious of:
On the topic of restraints, is there any evidence of using piercings or implants?

My apologies if this has been done before. I did look and could not find a similar thread.
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Posted 6/11/16 , edited 6/11/16
Marines, the government, the Celestials; they layer the bottom of their ship in seastone so that they are invisible to the sea kings that live in the Calm Belt. Being able to cross the Calm Belt freely is like hacks compared to all the pirates or just civilians who have to take Reverse Mountain in order to get on the Grand Line.

Smoker has seastone in his jutte.
Also in One Piece Film Z. (The canon movie) The main antagonist uses it for most of his weapon as well. I won't go into detail on the movie or him so you can see it for yourself and learn some bout the world and government and pirates and whatnot that has not yet been fully revealed at this point in the manga yet either. Which is going to become important stuff.
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Posted 6/11/16
Seastone nets too =\ but ahh man I was totally going to jump on the bottom of the boat thing but C-Tundra already said it XD
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Posted 6/11/16
It would be cool if there were a character in One Piece that has a fighting style specialized for devil fruit users.

So like: He/she/it would know haki, have weapons and armor made of sea-stone to fully combat devil fruit users, and know a versatile fighting style that would help gain an advantage over any opponent (Fishmen Karate and some of the 6 powers would be a few).

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