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Posted 6/12/16
Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not.
Thanks a bunches.

It's pretty simple, just write a story and you'll receive feedback. Let me see your writing skills. Make up any story you want to. Let your creative juices flow.

My Turn:
(It's just a small part of a novel that I worked on in the past).

Melancholia Labyrinth
By Qualeshia Marshall

She opened her eyes to see nothing but white surrounding her. The brightness of the white hurt her eyes the longer she looks away trying to figure out where she might be. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky or sunlight either but it's so bright. Katherina rubbed her eyes as she get up off the floor. After rubbing her eyes, her eyes were able to adjust to the bright white. She placed her hand on her hips then looked around once more to see where she might be. Katherina does not know where she is but she does know that she is all alone in this place. Looking back then looking forward, she can see a narrow path in both directions. She turned around then walked forward. As she gets closer, she then looks down to see a black void below. She was a bit nervous then turned back around and walked forward. Katherina kept on walking straight and making turns as she goes but she had no idea where she was going. It felt like hours passed by
and she has not seen a single person in sight. "HELLO?! IS THERE ANYBODY THERE?!" she called out hoping for some sort of answer but one did not come. So Katherina continued on walking hoping to spot a person. Eventually, she grew tired of walking and decided to take a break. Katherina stood in one spot not moving trying to relax and take it easy. But in the distance, behind her, she can hear thuds that are growing louder. Katherina turned around to see but there was nothing going on yet the thuds were growing louder. Katherina started walking slowly then a little faster as the sounds gotten louder. She looked back and saw the walls closing in and fast. Katherina ran as fast as she could away from the walls.The faster she ran the faster the walls closed in. The running turned into sprinting and she didn't even bother to look back. "Oh shit! I'm going to die!" she cried as the walls were closing in on her. She had to hurry before she get smashed to death.
Katherina kept on sprinting straight and making turns as she goes but the walls would not stop closing in behind her. As she ran, she eventually came across a door that appeared out of nowhere. Katherina stopped to open the door but it would
not budge. She twisted and pulled at the door knob then started pounding at the door. The walls were closing in fast. "Come on and open stupid door!" The more she bang on the door and the more she twist the knob nothing happened. The walls were coming closer and she can feel her death drawing near. The harder she pushed the door, she can hear a small creak coming from the door. She pushed it harder and it begins to open all the way. The door opened into darkness but Katherina did not care. She raced into the darkness and ended falling down. Katherina couldn't see anything in the darkness but she could hear her loud screams against the dark. As she kept falling, she could see a light below her in the distance. It was the same white light that she escaped from. Katherina reached the light and saw a figure standing there. She screamed out then the figure looked up and saw Katherina falling towards it. The figure moved and Katherina stopped falling in midair just few inches from the floor then she fell down. The figure just looked at Katherina then looked up and could see nothing. Katherina got up from the floor and dust herself off. She then turned to the figure to see that it was another person like her. The person just looked at her with disbelief. Katherina walked up to the person who was still surprised to see another living person. Katherina looked behind the person and saw more people standing there looking at her. In total that makes five of them all standing in the same spot. Katherina was happy to see other people yet still scared a little bit. She had no idea where she was now but she knows that she is with people this time. The other people walked over towards her and stared at her like as if she was strange or something.

"Um, excuse me," Katherina asked the person in front of her, "do you know where I am?"

"How did you even get here?" the person asked back then looked up again

"What do you mean exactly?" she answered with a question, "how the hell should I know that?"

"You just fell from the sky out of nowhere which is strange," the person said as he looks right at me.

"I'm sure it is now can you tell me where the hell am I," Katherina say getting angry at the fact that he was not answering her.

"You're in a labyrinth, my friend," the person told her, "my name is Adam. These people behind me are Glenda, Dinwalt, and Florence."

"Is this Labyrinth by any chance called "Melancholia's Labyrinth"?" Katherina asked Adam.

"Yes, that is the name of the place," Adam repiled

Katherina thought back to when she met that person before she even got here. She wonders where that person might who and who that person is. Adam stared hard at Katherina who was lost in thought but stopped when he heard something. Katherina stopped
thinking when she heard the same thing. Could it be another closing of the walls? She looked back and the walls were perfectly still. Nothing happened. Katherina looked at the others who were all wondering what the sound was. Their was trembling in their hearts
as they all stood there looking around.

"Guys, I think we should move and fast," Adam said out loud.

"Where is that sound coming from?" Glenda asked him but got no answer.

"Who knows and who cares?" Florence shouted as he ran ahead of everyone, "I'm getting the fuck out of here!"

Soon fast walking from the other turned into running then sprinting. They could not see what was going on but they knew something was coming. Katherina was behind everyone running as fast as she could until she tripped. Adam turned back and saw her on the ground
struggling to get up. He was hesitant as he looked at the others and then back at Katherina. Katherina was slowly getting up but her body was out of wack from earlier. Adam lend out his hand to her and she immediately grabbed it then started running. They all ran their
hardest trying to dodge an unknown danger that they could not see. Florence and Dinwalt were seen pushing against a door trying to force it open. The two of them pushed, pulled, and twist the door knob but the door will not budge an inch. Katherina came up to the
door and kicked it down hard. It opened and she fell inside the darkness once again. Florence, Dinwalt, and the others hurried inside the dark room. The door closed and it was dark. The sounds of heavy breathing filled the darkness along with screams from Glenda. In
the distance, there was once again light. The five of them walked to the light. When they got there, they saw an open area shaped in a square. And in the area was five more people standing there in confusion. The other five people looked at Katherina and the others in
shock. They quickly hurried to them staring and talking among themselves. Katherina was surprised to see that there were even more people here. Adam exited out the darkness to see the other people coming up to him asking questions. Glenda, Florence, and Dinwalt
made weird faces at the other people and wonder if there were more. As they all got out of the darkness, they looked around to see open passage ways. The other five calmed down and one of them walked forward towards Katherina and her group. He was tall and had
dark brown hair that was long. He also had long bang that covered his eyes a little.

"Nice to see other people here," he said with a bright smile, "My name is Christopher. These people behind me are Vivianna, Tabitha, and Kendrick. What are your names?"

"My name is Katherina," She said first, "I didn't think I was ever going to see another human being."

"I'm Adam," he told them, "nice to meet you all."

"Glenda is my name," she said after Adam.

"My name is Florence."


They all started talking to each other. Asking questions that they probably do not know the answer to. Katherina left the group of people and looked around at the passage ways. She counted them. There were ten in front, ten on the right, left, and back, there forty passage
ways in total. She wondered why that is. Christopher looked at Katherina as she stares into space. He walked up to her then placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry we will find a way out of this labyrinth," Christopher assured her even though she was no long scared just annoyed and a bit curious.

"So this is a labyrinth, huh?" Katherina asked him, "why are we even here?"

"If we knew that, then we wouldn't be trying to figure out why the hell are we here in the first place," Vivianna said.

"Hey, did any of you meet a person before getting here?" Katherina questioned everyone loudly, "well meet the person isn't quite the answer since the person was a shadowy figure. But have any one of you met the person. This person sounds like a man and tells you that the
place your going to is called Melancholia's Labyrinth-"

Yes!" Adam said in agreement, "I mean I didn't see the person but I know where you're getting at."

"Yeah, I did," Vivianna mentioned to her, "why what is wrong?"

"Maybe if we find that person then we can possibly get answers to all the questions we've been asking," Katherina answered her, "that person has to know something."

Everyone looked each other questioning Katherina's methods. They wanted to meet this person again but did not know how to even find the person. Katherina stared at them thinking about it and wondered herself. Maybe finding that person won't be easy since she has no
idea what he even looks at. She stopped thinking about and just focused on trying her hardest to finding him. Katherina has to know how she got here in this labyrinth. What was she doing before she even all this happened? What type of person was she before all this craziness

"But how do we find him when we don't even know what he looks like?" Kendrick asked her, "we don't even know his name."

"Yeah that is true," Tabitha said in agreement, "the only thing that man told us was to find our true selves, stay away from the Liars, and the Plagues. Whatever that means?"

"What the fuck is a Liar and a Plague supposed to be?" Dinwalt questioned Florence

"How the hell should I know, dude?!" Florence said to him

"So we all know nothing about this place or what that man means right?" Katherina asked everyone.

"What are you trying to get at exactly?" Glenda stated getting a little annoyed, "I'm sick of this."

"Well, we won't find the answers just standing around here," Christopher said, "let's move out and find the person."

They all walked towards one of the passage ways. They entered inside and from there they started walking down the narrow path talking and trying to get to know each other. Katherina was in the front ignoring everyone and focusing on finding this person she met. Adam walked towards her and places his hand on her shoulder. He can tell that something is wrong with her but nothing was really wrong. She is just focused on getting answers so she can leave this place. Katherina felt like she was forgetting something but wasn't sure what that was. Thinking about was driving her a little crazy. She turned to Adam who placed a smile on his freckled face that shown his dimples. Katherina gave him half a smile. They all contiuned walking through the narrow path in a straight line. Katherina is in front of everyone leading the way but she had no idea where she was leading them all. Hours passed by and everyone was getting tired of walking around getting nowhere. So they all stopped for a break. Surprisingly, they weren't hungry or thirsty which even more strange. There were also no bathroom breaks happening anytime soon since they didn't have to pee or poop. Yet strange enough they were able to feel tired from walking. Something was not right. In fact something is wrong with this whole thing. Katherina was determined to find the answers to this whole thing. As they were relaxing, in the distance,even though it was feint there was a growl. It sounded like a wild animal coming towards them from a distance. Katherina perked up her ears listening to the growl as it comes closer to where they were. Adam was on alert as he hears the growl that sounds like more than one animal. Soon the others heard it and got up from the floor. They looked behind them and can nothing at first.
Then two hideous and large looking creatures appeared before them and growled loudly. They all looked at the creature with fear in their eyes. Katherina ran from the other telling them to come on and soon the other ran after her. The creatures followed after them. The path was too narrow for them to run as fast as they could. But the tried their hardest to get away from the creatures. The path was slowly starting to widen and soon they were able to run better. The two creatures were coming towards them in fast. Katherina turned the corner
and there was another door but it was opened. It was dark inside but Katherina did not care about that. They all race inside the darkness with the creatures coming to a halt. The creatures quickly turned around and ran away. The creatures were gone. The ten people were trapped in the darkness with no light in the distance. They walked forward where ever forward was to them. They were in that dark room walking for thirty minutes. One of them accidentally hit something and soon lights came on. They were all in a large room with books all over the place. Adam made sure everyone was alright but everyone was still shaken up from seeing those creatures. Katherina grabbed
a book from the shelf and looked inside it. The pages were blank and so is the front cover. Christopher and the others looked at all the books wondering where they are this time. The room was a library full of books with blank pages. Katherina searched through all the book to see not a single word written in them. This was strange to her. Why were they so many books with blank pages. Christopher and Adam walked up the Katherina to see what she was up to.
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Posted 6/14/16
Any body is welcomed to post their story here.
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