Paranoia Agent and Satoshi Kon
Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/14/16
Just finished watching Paranoia Agent recently.
I really enjoy it for it's overall themes and characters, side stories and beautiful animation.
I do however think that Satoshi Kon has a habit of inserting elements that reoccurr...but don't seem to mean anything?

How do you guys feel about Paranoia Agent or any of Satoshi Kon's work?
What's your favorite character or movie?
What does his work mean to you?
Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/14/16
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Paranoia Agent, wow talk about the show that I watched when I was 16 and understood nothing about it aside from the fact there was a lunatic kid that could go as fast as a speed car on roller skates, damn blast from the past for real............

I have not picked it up since then, but to be honest I actually liked it because everything...made sense...I guess lol. Though I didn't know there may have been more like it. I should re watch it though, maybe explore some more of mr Satoshi Kon's work.
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