An intentionally funny Masters of the Universe
Posted 6/13/16 , edited 6/14/16
So Kaptara is an incredible graphic novel.
And it just got a trade paperback!
And I would recommend it to anyone.

Essentially, this team of space explorers get redirected via wormhole to this planet
where ridiculous space races interact
and main character has to help a kingdom defeat a common enemy
while regaining his lost crew members
and find a way home.

And the best part is: It's crazy cheap! go look on Amazon! It's there!
Here's some pictures!

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Wagon Train
Posted 7/1/16 , edited 7/1/16
Wait. Is that the kool-aid man in the last panel?
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Posted 7/2/16 , edited 7/3/16
op nuked
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