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Posted 6/14/16
Sometimes your words are just not enough. You invent some.

Then it turns out that at least 10 other people have invented the same word.

Post your newwords here, along with what they mean.

(Okay to post even if they're not new but very, very, old)


It's not just bad, but a special flavor of bad that puts it over the top of merely bad. Not just terrible but with a pinch of comically sad.


See Terribad


[note: must add sardonic tone when using the term] Something that's a potpourri of crap, like Crap de lux; crap in more ways than one. Not really the opposite of fantastic but multiple powers of its opposite. Could be construed as a variation of craptabulous except sounding less like a valley girl-ism.


What people have when they basically either skip lunch, skip dinner, or just eat lunch and dinner together.


Similar to Linner except for vampires and night owls that skip dinner or breakfast and eat the two together.


A very special unique snowflake, just like every single other special unique snowflake out there. [note: Specialuniques wouldn't call themselves specialunique unless they hate themselves and/or engaging in self-mocking. Usually it's "he's a specialunique" and not "I'M a specialunique"]

Awesomesauce / Lamesauce - I've seen these used. I dunno- stuff that's awesome or lame?
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Posted 6/14/16 , edited 6/14/16

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Posted 6/14/16
I've been using this word ever since I started binge watching Scrubs.


Word for a female body part.
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Posted 6/14/16 , edited 6/14/16
Ostriching - The word I use to refer to someone spectacularly ignoring their problems.

Edit: In a sentence 'Oh man, she's not got enough money for rent, but she's decided to buy a bottle of prosecco. That girl is ostriching'.
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Posted 6/14/16 , edited 6/14/16
Holyfucknuggets - To express discombobulation.

Jackassness - The trait or characteristic of being a jackass.
"I can't handle your jackassness."

Slapturd - Term of endearment.
"You are such a slapturd."

Buttsnack - Dingleberries.
"Guys who don't wash or wipe have the buttsnack."

Bootyscratch - Something/someone that annoys the crap out of you/gets on your nerves.
"This damn bootyscratch is going to make me punch her!!"

Starvalating - Past the point of starvation.
"I will eat a hippo if I could, I'm starvalating."
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Posted 12/6/17
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