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Post Reply The Continued Media War Against Anime As "Sexist"
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Posted 6/15/16 , edited 6/15/16
Well to be fair, many people who like anime support Trump. Apparently...
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Posted 6/15/16
Whatever justifies their wages . . .
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Posted 6/15/16

Voc666IV wrote:

Well to be fair, many people who like anime support Trump. Apparently...

Bwahahaha! Something actually worthy of a topic. I'd be insulted if it weren't so funny. How dare he insinuate I support Trump >:(
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Posted 6/15/16

Freddy96NO wrote:

Nogara-san wrote:
"She said".. hurr hurr
so you want a 100 shades?
What about giving you something.. above 9000!!?!?!

BlueOni wrote:
*takes a bite out of CR logo*
*cough* someone has allready been there, and done that.

I'll take a 100 shades if it's someone who can write sexy
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Posted 6/15/16
If I understand all of this correctly... this thread is sexist.
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Posted 6/15/16

maxgale wrote:

The media, refusing to even acknowledge such differences exist, instantly labeled his remarks as "sexist."

Social media or news media? I can easily accept social media being dumb about this but I can't imagine the news jumping on this considering... wait, is anime still a niche or is it popular in the mainstream already?

What is surprising is that Crunchy Roll joined in on this media circus and labeled the remarks "sexist" as well:

The only mention of sexism is the title. Titles of articles are usually designed to be clickbait. Don't take them too seriously.

Is it "sexist" to simply acknowledge men and women have different expectations, understandings, and needs for fiction?

Definitely not, but trying to define those expectations, understandings, and needs for such a large group of people will get you flak. Even if the assumptions made of women are true for 99% of all women, the remaining 1% are going to get ticked over having to deal with untrue assumptions for most of their life. If I had to guess the real world situation, I'd guess that the average assumption about women today applies to... 50%? I've seen views that range from clear and reasonable to dangerously wrong.

Is it "sexist" to say shounen appeals mostly to boys, and shoujo to girls?

Hmm... KNOWING that isn't sexist, but I'm pretty sure some people shouldn't have to deal with this kind of comment so much when they buy manga books or anime CDs that don't fit what's expected of them or when they read articles. I remember getting pissed at my parents over some comment about Yotsuba& being a manga for girls (THE GENRE IS CALLED "Slice of Life", DAMMIT) when one of them saw I had it.

The point is that that kind of comment is bad for small talk and discussions. If I had to describe a good parallel for how sexism affects people, I'd say it would be something like mandatory facial jewelry. It's effect on a person's life could range from life-threatening to uncomfortable to inconvenient to barely noticeable.

Is it "sexist" to say that outsider of a few exceptions to the rule, that it is hard for men to write for women and women to write for men?

No, but that kind of saying tends to miss the point whenever it's used. Context is key. Why not get more women into the industry to write for women? Why not write for both genders? The above question isn't really related to the article though...

What do you think, Crunchy?


It's weird, but understandable, that he can't create a work with a male-lead without "putting too much emotion into it", but he shouldn't be faulted for that. The studio can use another director if they really need to make an emotion-controlled movie with a male lead (And if they can't, let's hope the day never comes where Studio Ghibli has to rely on that to survive instead of THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTY OF ITS STYLE!!!).

I will say that he should've simplified his answer to the last question to "I don't know any female staff suitable to direct a Ghibli film". He fell into a trap by bringing up gender traits in answer to a simple question. That being said, relying on social and cultural trends to pick out employees sounds quite unfair.
Posted 6/23/16
why is it sexist did I miss something explain more???????
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