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Posted 6/16/16 , edited 6/16/16
There's a world out there; parallel to the world we are living in now where magic exist. It is a world where technologies are more advanced than our world, yet everything was just as normal as the world we live in, all except the people there possessed magical powers.

Story centered in a normal high school.
The world is peaceful without major wars; albeit occasionally minor civil wars may occur between the two major nations - the Red Nation and the Blue Nation, both nations led by respective royal families.

The main RP would center in the City of Koto, a small village-like city located in the Blue Nation.

The City of Koto, Blue Nation

The Royal Family of Blue Nation
Left to Right: Lady Grace, Princess Rillianne, Queen Margaret, Lady Lily & Sir Vincent

The City of Miho, Red Nation

The Royal Family of Red Nation
Left to Right: Lady Michelle, Priest Gerald, King Kingsley & Prince Lawliet

**Illustrations belongs to suzunosuke for Mistletoe, Vocaloid

P/s: Despite the settings introduction above, the main focus is still on the high school. This is a slice of life RP forum!
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