Post Reply Will this be licensed in the states?
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Posted 6/16/16 , edited 9/29/17
Was just wondering if there was any news (anime and or manga) about licensure in the states? I love this show and am interested in reading the manga.
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Posted 8/14/16 , edited 9/29/17
I like this show too! It took me by surprise
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Posted 11/18/16 , edited 11/19/16
what's with the inconsistent updates and currently (nov 18, 2016) delays?

voice actors go on strike, did japan broadcast the sinkhole being filled instead of this, what's the issue here?
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Posted 9/29/17 , edited 9/29/17
The BEST show to come out in years (especially since so many studio closures are affecting the kind of content that gets produced).
It's got super-natural/sci-fi, drama, humor and anime/(cartoon) humor, a great script, GREAT characters (incl. the villains) AND character development, drawing style, soundtrack, action, and Season 2 is JUST AS great. It would be hard to DUB 'Bungo', since the Japanese soundtrack is SO PERFECT. I usually watch both sub & dub, 'Hellsing Ultimate', 'Cowboy Bebop', 'Outlaw Star' are near perfect DUBS, but so many more are HORRIBLE! The humor falls flat or the emoting is lost... and I LOVE the Japanese version of 'Bungo' and have watched it so many times and with so many people, & they agree- it's 'essence' would be 'LOST in TRANSLATION', literally!

I hope there are MORE seasons in the future, and I HOPE they bring the ANIMATED 'Dead Apple' movie (Spring 2018) to the U.S. with ENOUGH NOTICE and hope the play it LONGER than they did with the 'Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic' (which only ran TWICE=1, subbed, 1, dubbed)! I only had a week's notice, WE would've seen it many more times!
There's supposed to be a 'live action' movie, too, but the anime fans I talk to/know are wary of them, since the original is 'SO PERFECT', no one wants to ruin the good memories of it. But an animated show? It WOULD do VERY well! My friends, family and I, wish there were more anime movies distributed here, in the U.S.! More notice would even get folks to travel to another state! Seriously!

In watching 'Agent Hazap', I agree with the DJ at the 'Anisongs Concert' show in L.A. (during their Comic-Con)- who said he hoped Japan would take advantage of the growing market for manga/anime that's really taken-off in the U.S. And 'Bungo Stray Dogs' is one that really gets their foot in the door. It has something for EVERYBODY!

Kadokawa, PLEASE bring 'Dead Apple' to theaters! Market it, show it enough times & I promise, there will be MORE FANS as well as established fans wanting to see the movie again and again! -CJ

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