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Post Reply Have you ever been banned?
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Posted 7/5/16 , edited 7/5/16
Several years ago I was a member in a group here on CR titled "Anything Goes". Staying true to the name I posted an animated drawing from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei with the teacher in a very compromising position with 2 female students (think along cunnilingus and fellatio themes). I didn't hear from a CR mod but within 5 minutes after that post I did receive several emails from the Group mod suggesting that I went too far and it needed to be removed, pronto.

It did get deleted by me within 7 minutes of posting.

One other time I had a grand old time commenting about another user's avi (Asuka Langley topless) and complimented the design re those rockin' tits. I never got reprimanded but I did notice 1-2 mods shadowing every post I and the avi user in question made during that escapade.

The avi did get taken down voluntary by its user........damn.

Been predictable & boring bans
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Posted 7/6/16
Why do you get banned? Because you are not bright. Like can we all just get along here???? Or maybe it was an accidental spring that caught you off guard and you got banned..... well still I think we should all get along!
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