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Posted 6/17/16 , edited 6/18/16

Don't bring your drama into this group. We could care less and if you have beef with any of the mods or the creator, you will be automatically banned.

Respect everyone in the group, even if you hate their guts.

No bashing on anything or anyone in this group. If you don't like something, go rant about it somewhere else.

Avoid heavy and negative topics such as death in the forums or the wall. We are a group to spread positive, not constantly remind us about our death.

Learn to restrain yourself. Is it worth posting that comment? Will I offend anyone if I post this?
Keep our forums clean and avoid chatting in forums other than the wall.

Avoid double posting in games, unless it is the spam forum.

Copying, Ripping and Stealing is a big NO in this group. If you are caught re-editing, ripping or taking anything that isn't yours, consider your ass banned.

CR is a PG-13 site. Keep foul language to a minimum/censor it/whatever. Avoid lewd anime/manga pictures for requests.

Ask your questions in this forum. Yeah, this one. The one you're reading in right now.

The group is heavily influenced by YumeHearts' group Coeur and ukizuo's groups.
Check them out when you have time :')
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