Comic Book/Pulp Heroes/Characters to Live-Action/Animated/Anime
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Posted 6/17/16 , edited 6/18/16
I was talking to a friend and we got into a long loooong discussion over the write and wrong of taking a character from paper to tv/movies. My friend feels that the characters and storylines should remain fully unchanged while I tend to just look at them as "What if?" or "Elseworlds"-style material. I do however think there are some limits though. The Phantom Syfy Channel Mini-series definitely crossed the boundary (due to trying to stat in Canon but going in another direction halfway) while I think the Japanese Spider-man live-action of the 90s was well done due to them keeping away from canon and making it a story of it's own for a new culture. The CW shows tend to change a lot but I can see the changes more as just a modenrizing for the times.

How do you feel about seeing characters brought to life? What are your limits? Which ones do you like or dislike most?

Mods: I had no clue whether to put this in books, tv or anime since it applies to all three. If you feel this belongs elsewhere please put it wherever you think it fits best. Thank you.
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Comic books are having more entertainment to the readers. It is helps for refreshing their mind. It is really great and wonderful to read.
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