2nd Batch of Russian Hacks on the DNC.
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Sup guys. More fun for today.

The hacker known as Guccifer2.0, has officaly released his 2nd batch of files on the DNC. Some the files include a link between the Hillary Campaign Commite working directly with the DNC. There are other documents that I'd like to share, some of them including even personal data of donors. (This data is officially public domain).

You’ll also find more interesting stuff in these docs:

There's a bit more info here, I'll summarize it for you goys.

There's the staff for the Ready For Hillary PAC


There's a boring document about her events in October, no real reason to look at it, but if you're autistic like me go ahead. Some of it shows obvious minority pandering with racially specific dinners, other than that nothing of note.

There's a general outline for how Hillary plans to approach healthcare, potentially useful. She plans on talking about vaccines, texting while driving, abuse of prescription drugs, price transparency, and why the Obamacare isn't shit even though it obviously is


Memo explaining why they should have the DNC date in July, boring, nothing really of interest.

Old memo on who has to deal with what around the campaign, boring


Memo from Christopher Kirchoff stating Winnefeld should be one of Clinton's Chiefs of Staff, possibly interesting if the guy doesn't deserve the position


Bullshit platitudes she's trying to use to convince her followers, literally just a motivational speech.


Fundraising guidlines, boring

Document explaining where they're spending money, useful as a counter for Trump's campaign but not much else.

Document showing where she was spending money against Bernie, not very useful for us.

All in all not very useful unfortunately.
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and another tldr plz
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Здравствуй мать Россия
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Pretty routine.
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People text while driving? People are this stupid? If they kill themselves it's their own fault.

Though it appears Winnefield, if I got the right one, does appear to have quite the military record spanning 37 years.
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I don't see any reason for there to be a new thread for this, since it's basically a minor extension of the topic you started just a couple of days ago. Please add this information to your existing thread. You can either edit your opening post there to add new info, or add a new post in the thread.

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