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what are somethings that azn dramas always have besides love tirangles
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Posted 2/17/08

Evening_star201 wrote:

Top 30 Things You Will Always Find in Asian Drama:

Everyone else feel free to add more. I'm sure there is a lot more! Asian dramas have so many cliches but I still love them!

Yeah, so true. Let me just add a few more...

31. There's always this main guy in the shower scene...
32. The guy bringing the girl to buy clothes & the girl trying out the clothes one by one for him... and the 'stunned' expression of the guy each time he sees her with the new clothes she tried...
33. A lot of shouting... especially by the lead guy...
34. A true love that started when they were like kids!!! Come on!
35. A lot of drinking by every one... Do asians drink so much, especially the girls???
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Posted 2/17/08

kliketokno wrote:

snow-chibi wrote:

Romance or even just a hint of it . So far , I have not seen a drama without one .
I would love to see a drama without any romance or even just a hint . >.>

EDIT : Other than love , there`s the cliched problem like , someone dying or this person was poor .

Nobuto Produce perhapes? It mostly about friendship

Yeah, but in Nobuta wo Produce,
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Posted 2/17/08
Posted 2/17/08
1. Cancer or illness
2. The girl's first kiss is always stolen, or when she is drank.
3. Rare parents
4. The girl always fall in love with the guy that she mentions at the beginning: "Devil, punk, etc"
5. Someone dies.
6. Someone had a crash on a car
7. Love
8. The guy is hot
9. The girl is poor.
10. The girl and the boy have a fight.
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Posted 2/17/08
when a character waits for another for an insanely long time. i always feel sad when that happens
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Posted 2/17/08
forbidden sibling love (even if they arent really siblings like in MY GIRL, DEVIL BESIDE YOU and TREE OF HEAVEN). special food or animate object (necklace, ring, tree, cookies, pasta, etc.)
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Posted 2/18/08
Favorite Korean drama/movie would be "Lump Sugar" - because it doesn't have any of chose cliche qualities that dramas always have - I don't think it ever mentions kimchi either. Also - the Japanese one about a kid and a fox named Helen - 1 Litre of Tears is also extremely different, but all of the Taiwanese dramas follow the same formular - they're just like subversions of Meteor Garden because producers notice how female teens love rich guys (Rainie - I do pity you - you had most of your talents wasted on mediocre dramas). I think "Huan Zhu Ge Ge/Returning Princess Pearl" is also quite unique (lots of great subplots/sub conflicts/ and foil characters).
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Posted 2/18/08
the rich guy's mom come to the poor girl
and gives her money to break up with the rich guy XDDD
and the mom throws water on her and the poor girl doesn't fight back.
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Posted 2/18/08
Asian dramas especially HK one's are so cliche.

Rich daddies/ princess like attitudes
Nasty in-laws but makes up in the end
Enemies become lovers
Storyline revolving around money
Some old lady injuring herself or has health issues
Some village girl always ends up giving all her money to her lover

They're just so predictable, yet i still watch them lol
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Posted 2/18/08
GOD. I hate love triangles because the odd one out always makes me sad. Especially if it is a character i like! In MARS there isn't a love triangle. and kinda in the devil beside you...there isn't a tri.

There is always love are friendship in dramas!
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Posted 2/19/08
well i think alot of kissing scence in there....hehehe...
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Posted 2/20/08
1. the girl will die because of a disease w/out cure...
2. the 2 guys in love w/ the protaginist girl is so rich, while the girl is damn poor...
3. they eat kimchee...
4. although the girl is poor, she has the newest phone...
5. they are dating each other, but they have no commitment... ^_^
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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/17/09
there has to be at least one important scene taking place in the rain
Posted 2/16/09
1. Love squares..UGH.
2. Cancer
3. Rich girls & poor guys/rich guys & poor girls
4. Getting run over by a car
5. Another guy who the girl doesn't love tries to steal the girl from the guy she loves

A lot of Kdramas are very cliche..and I hate always, always seeing love triangles/sqaures!
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