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Posted 6/20/16
I think the Spring 2016 season has the most Cat themes / cast ever !

I am sure shows I Didnt watch / have similiar trends ! / Feel free to add !

Shonen Maid- both Madoka / Keiichiro like cats
Flying Witch-The cat familiars Chito / Kenny
Three Leaves, Three Colors Both Teru / Nishiyama like their cats.
Rinne 2 / The Familiars-Rokumon / Oboro / Suzu
Re:ZERO - Puck / Emilia with cat hoodie / Felix / Morre to come ??
Sailor Moon Crystal 3- Luna, Artemis, and Diana
And you thought there is never a girl online?-The Guild is named Alley Cat / Nanako Akiyama her avatar has the cat ears
High School Fleet-Isoroku
Bungo Stray Dogs-Atsushi Nakajima ( weretiger)
Anne Happy-Anne Hanakoizumi I never seen so many cats jump on her
Onigiri -The fun loving Ibaraki-doji
The Lost Village-Lion ( The Yellow Hoodie)
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Posted 6/20/16 , edited 6/20/16
Next will be dogs!

Benny's, followed by birds, then reptiles! Sprite, demons! Witches, mages! Warlocks, demons, Angels, elves, Eve, Adam, Demi gods! Arch Angels, over lords, mechs with cat ears tails! Though I have not seen a anime with mechs like that yet! Robots created and made by robots though I think transformers started that thought?

Lol the list could be endless, I think!
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Posted 6/22/16
Doesn't Cerberus have catgirls as well? Or do you mean literal cats?
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Posted 6/20/16
I noticed this as well. It's amazing! In addition to Lion from The Lost Village, there's also Nyanta, whose speaking habits were translated into purrfect puns!

What? You say you don't like cat puns? That's prePAWsterous

The abundance of cats has solidified this season as one of my favorites in a long while. Among other reasons as well, of course.

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☆Land of sweets☆
Posted 6/22/16
there also a show called iirc jitsu wa watashi wa neko de aru :p
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