A Hypothetical Science Fiction Situation
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Posted 6/21/16 , edited 6/22/16
So, picture this:

Humanity as a species reaches the apex of their glory. We master space travel, create virtual intelligence that helps us in our day-to-day lives peacefully, and cure many of the diseases that have burdened us for thousands of years. Our robotic indentured servants exist mainly to increase labor production and military strength and never reach full sentience. There is a history of dispute among the various nations about who controls the greater powers, with a few miniature cold wars here and there, but ultimately this detail isn't important, because the discovery of alien life, and it's definite hostility band us all together as a species.

Wars between these various communities of aliens and the human races last for a few years before they eventually come to a truce, and humanity is invited into the galactic community, along with all the benefits it provides (FTL travel, advanced medical and military technology, biological/physical enhancement, perfected virtual and augmented reality and an additional several thousand years worth of knowledge about your galaxy and the innumerable different alien species that inhabit it.)

Some several decades after this, expedition ships are scouting out uncharted star systems for more potential intelligent life or lost ancient civilizations. One ship in particular (call it the USS Enterprise if you want, it doesn't matter), stumbles upon a particular planet that gives off strange readings. You decide to investigate it by hailing it for potential life, and you get a peaceful response back. Throwing caution to the wind you touch down right in the middle, and find a massive civilization of a humanoid species, who are all welcoming of your company.

You are given the tour, and presented with a world that has seemingly achieved perfect peace and high morality. Everything seems routinely normal and almost reminiscent of Earth minus the dirt of humanity, or even dirt of the environment, because they advanced so far that they lacked a single hint of greenery anywhere. You access their archives and find their entire global history:

In ancient times, there lived a race, who reveled in their technological advancements. They had finally achieved the next level of evolution, and created a true artificial intelligence. However, after several decades of mistreatment, the AI (now numbered in the millions, rivaling their creators in population) overthrow their creators out of not just self-preservation but ideals born of a slowly developing consciousness.

With their creators extinct, they continued to augment and alter their environment, and themselves, but ultimately could not achieve the same level of existence as an organic being in their metallic bodies. So, through genetic research, they created organic bodies that not only could procreate, but also decay. They developed a synthetic equivalent to DNA and genes, and ultimately were able to create a diverse species of androids that live independent of one another to make their own choices freely.

With this discovery, you at first would be afraid that they'd turn on you, but they reassure you that they do believe that what their ancestors, the "old machines", did was necessary at the time, but immoral by their current standards, and do not look down on organic life. They even admit that since every machine is an individual network, that some programs believe in going against the system in place, but coding dictates they operate on a democracy, and thus lack the chaotic nature to rebel if the idea of violence is overruled by the majority.

So in essence, they are in every bit as human as you are, but if you cracked their heads open, their brains would be completely digital.

So...since you are the first to discover this, and ultimately are the one reporting back to your superiors of your findings, the fate of their entire existence's future is in your hands. What do you do? Isolate them, destroy them all, invite them into the community, or something else? What, as a human, would you do in this situation. Discuss.
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Posted 6/21/16 , edited 6/22/16
Invite them into the community as i see it I love AI they are so calculating and the situation they are basically us why not bring them in?
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Posted 12/6/17 , edited 12/6/17
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