Finding Asian films
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Posted 6/22/16 , edited 6/22/16
This is an open-ended question, but the core of it is my bad memory

A long, long time ago, Crunchroll featured fan-subbed Asian movies, and we enjoyed a lot of them, but never really kept track of what we'd watched because, well, they were all on Crunchyroll! But times changed and as CR matured the movies were dropped and with them all hope of seeing them again, because I couldn't remember any of the titles!

For example, and let me know if any of these summaries ring a bell:

- A homeless woman hides in the apartment of a blind man, secretly caring for him

- A guide dog is retired and goes to live with a family (I can't even remember what the crisis of the film was!)

- three high school girls somehow get super powers from ramen they sneak into the schoolyard to share, and they are inspired by the stone statue of archangel michael in front of their school

As you can imagine, google is of little help with any of those summaries ;)

Is it even possible that the list of the movies once hosted on CR might still exist somewhere just as a reference resource? I'm sure that of the many movies we discovered, the titles alone might jar my memory enough to reconnect with them!
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Posted 6/22/16 , edited 6/22/16
Quill may be the title of the dog movie.

Arch angels (2006) is the name of the Superpowers that come from ramen film.
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