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Post Reply Things You Won't Do Because You Are Afraid You Will Like It.
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Posted 6/23/16

Elvikun wrote:

Cocaine, heroine and acid. And quite a few others.

Been there and done that. I guess I'm afraid to ever do any of them again because I KNOW I'll like it. Me on drugs = scary!

I'm afraid to pet stray animals because if I do I'll have to bring them home and care for them and I already have enough. Same goes with the raccoon babies that were up in my tree all day yesterday. Momma must have come to get them last night because they're not there now. Yay! I was really dreading having to care for wild animals. I like to keep a hands off policy when it comes to nature.

I'm also afraid to try Meecrob but I doubt I'd like it. I'll take Cartman's word on that one.

Some anime which I refuse to watch. Namely some of the more popular longer series. Sports series, food series and stuck in a game type fantasies are one's I also avoid (Your Lie in April made it so I can no longer avoid anime about music) but I doubt I'll avoid them forever. All it will take is one good one and I'll be off and running. And I keep seeing Food Wars comments everywhere so it's just a matter of time. I'll probably like them and then I can no longer sit on my high horse and pretend to be superior.

And holy crap Food Wars has a rating of 8.64 on MAL. Sigh, there's one more genre I'm not going to be able to avoid much longer. I'm going to have to watch that one. Part of me like's avoiding certain one's because I already have a crap load I want to watch plus I think I like being proven wrong about certain genre's. It's always nice to have an anime beat expectations so it's all the sweeter when I find a really great show that I'd normally avoid.

I can't think of anything else atm. Sorry.

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