Post Reply Ads are overwhelmingly louder than shows on PC.
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Posted 6/23/16
To whom this may concern:

In the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping except for me, I love to watch anime. However, there is a problem that I keep running into. Laying on my bed where I cant reach my computer, I notice that the advertisements that play between the shows are blazing louder than the show, which in turn forces me to get up and turn my PC down. I understand that there are many ways I can fix this problem. I could subscribe to a premium membership, I could sit at my desk and mute/turn volume down during advertisements, I could even switch sites and still watch these shows advertisement free, but I would prefer to keep an optimistic perspective about this unfortunate problem that I need to solve. Please help me figure out a way to prevent waking up the whole neighborhood during these advertisements on Crunchy roll.

-A problematic NEET
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Posted 6/23/16
Is any ad in particular louder than usual?
There is little we can do about the audio volume for the ads in general, as they are served by external providers.

What you can do is normalizing the loudness of your audio output via the audio settings in Windows. This may however degrade quality in some other places.
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