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What would you say or do if your 10 year old ask you about sex?
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Posted 7/10/16 , edited 7/10/16

BlueOni wrote:

Provide a basic overview of human sexuality, safe sexual practices, anatomy and physiology, and all the other things they'll need to know. They're ten, and that's old enough to know those sort of things.

They're ten, and they're not going to understand all that. And most likely, they aren't going to care about all that. They're ten.

Start with the basics, just like anything else. You don't throw multiplication at a child before he understands addition.

source: I actually work with kids.
Posted 7/10/16 , edited 7/10/16

TheOriginalStraynge wrote:

KarenAraragi wrote:

TheOriginalStraynge wrote:

KarenAraragi wrote:

What would you say or do if your 10-year-old ask you about sex?

That's what poorly illustrated books are for. There's a gazillion children books about sex out there and there's a reason for that lol.

Honestly the question is irrelevant for me. This is just reason #332,491 why I haven't had any children and refuse to have any. I know my limits.

Still, it's gotta suck for all you parents who have to have the talk.

I don't know how you people do it. It would even be worse with a girl I think. How do you explain to your little girl that most guys are pigs? That even some of the good one's out there are nothing but horn dogs? I would go insane and would have to put her in a indestructible hamster ball for her whole life.

You think girls are saint aren't ya?

No, I think that good parents, mom's and dad's are worthy of my admiration though.

That has nothing to do with what I ask you. And a best that was sexist.
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