Best Girl Spring 2016 Anime Group Pick
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Posted 6/23/16 , edited 6/23/16
So far these are the ones that were picked. If you like, please add more from the season! (Spring Anime 2016)

Can only be protagonists (Except for Rem and Ram) according to MAL.

Emilia (Re:Zero)
Rem (Re:Zero)
Ram (Re:Zero)
Honoka (Kiznaiver)
Botan (Anne Happy)
An (Anne Happy)
Chidori (Kiznaiver)
Mumei (Kabanari)
Ren (Anne Happy)
Noriko (Kiznaiver
Hibiki (Anne Happy)
Ruri (Anne Happy)
Niko (Kiznaiver)
Sophie (Kuromukoro)
Julis-Alexia (Asterisk War)
Claudia (Asterisk War)
Saya (Asterisk War)
Kirin (Asterisk War)
Yukina (Kuromukoro)
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Posted 7/8/16 , edited 7/9/16
Ako Tamaki from And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online? belongs in here too. She was my favorite Spring season girl.
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