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Anyone know good gun or war anime's?
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Posted 6/24/16 , edited 6/24/16
Cowboy Bebop - Guns....Lots of Guns. Probably my all time favorite anime. Any excuse to mention it.

Record of Lodoss War - Come on! It's got war in the name. Not heavy on the comedy, but it has it's moments. I recommend the OVA, though the TV series is good too.

Black Lagoon - Funny, with guns everywhere. Lot's of "Bad Language" if that's a problem.

Gate - War/Heavy artillery. Not finished with this one yet, but good so far.

Noir - Hot Assassins. Beautiful animation.

Psycho Pass - Kinda dark, but it has a gun called the Dominator....enough said.
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Posted 6/27/16 , edited 6/27/16
Area 88
Mobile Suit Gundam
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Posted 1/2/18 , edited 1/3/18
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