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Posted 6/23/16
Hello all. I realize this may be an odd request but here goes nothing: 

I would like an anime with a masochistic character.

I really enjoyed Taro from MM!, Hisomu from Kiznaiver, and Shiro from The Kawai Complex of Manors and Hostel Behavior. These characters were all my favorite and very funny to watch.

I want the anime to be more on the comedic side. I don't want any suggestions like Alucard from Hellsing. The characters don't have to be male either.

Thanks so much!
Posted 6/23/16 , edited 6/23/16
Dog And Scissors has a masochist in it.

They are kinda a side character so meh.
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Posted 6/24/16 , edited 6/24/16
I had to beat myself up to find an answer to the question but then it came to me...

Prison School .Also you may wanna try Sabagebu. There's a certain little pink-haired girl there who doesn't mind getting beaten up for or by her girlcrush . Seikon no Qwaser (Stigmata of Qwaser) is very ecchi but has one of the best masochistic characters in Hana. She's an absolute riot and not to be missed despite how out there and dirty the rest of the anime makes you feel lol. Oop, almost forgot the ones in D-Frag, at least 2 there so well worth the watch.
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Posted 6/24/16
One Punch Mod
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Posted 20 days ago
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