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Is It Bad That I'm Gay For Bill Murray?
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Posted 6/25/16 , edited 6/25/16
Not at all bro
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Posted 6/26/16 , edited 6/26/16

Ejanss wrote:

gornotck wrote:

When has Bill Murray ever made someone cry?

Ever sit through a Wes Anderson film?

Several of them, yes.
Rushmore, has Bill Murray, no tears were thus shed. Tepid.
Almost sure I watched The Royal Tenenbaums, but it was so forgettable. I remember it being awful, though.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, again not a tearjerker. Kind of awful.
Only saw part of The Fantastic Mister Fox, no crying from that, but maybe I missed the sad bits.

I have never heard of the rest of this Wes Anderson's films.

...unless you are suggesting that you were bored to tears by these films. That's possible.
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Posted 12/6/17
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