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Post Reply Can't watch videos because of idiotic popup
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Posted 6/28/16 , edited 6/30/16
Then I can't use the site anymore on my desktop. That's not good. Nor is it in any way fair. I shouldn't have to watch a video that acts as an ad for ads just to be able to watch an actual video.
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Posted 8/10/16 , edited 8/10/16

Hairbelly wrote:

WarwolfPrime wrote:
so is there a way to disable that popup that comes up on the site or what?


Right Click the video. Click Inspect or Inspect Element. It will pull up some lines of code with one highlighted. Underneath the code box, there will be lines of text, and one should say #adblocker_message. Click on that, and right click the new highlighted field in the code. Select Delete element. You'll have to do this every time, but it will save you from the most painful video ever created whenever you do, and there are extensions you can get to hide certain lines permanently for a more long-lasting solution.

This though, is actually very fast and easy. Takes all of five seconds to do after you learn to do it, and it literally stops the element from playing or even showing on that page at all. Considering it's a 30 second unskippable video, I'm sure you'll be pleased with this solution.

Crunchyroll can put as many obnoxious things as they want on their page, but they can never prevent users from modifying their pages on their end, so it's entirely moot what they're doing.

Honestly though, this is now preventing me from recommending an otherwise great site. Because this is just as bad as what Forbes did, if you ask me. They'll lose people coming to their site altogether and lose recommendations of their site, which is worse than having free users with adblocks use the site. One does nothing for them, but the other hinders their business.

I don't get what these sites are thinking...

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