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Posted 6/25/16

So here a story between of my buddy in Crunchyroll. I went to the trip and I went inside of the bus. I just walk and find my set and I saw a vacant with a guy. I didn't pay attention in his face I just set beside him. And that time I was listening music and the same time I'm online in Crunchyroll on my iPhone. And I think he saw I was sending him message and he saw his profile on my phone.
I open my bag pack drink a whisky from my bag.
I look again my profile and I saw a new message and he ask what you doing now? I smile and I say drinking whisky and I have a great headache.
And he say take your medicine for headache.
And I did what he said I took my EVE and took two tablet and Drink whisky and I look tHe person setting beside me and I saw his face I can't paint it.
Wow his handsome what a perfect Adonis. But he ask me. Miss are yOu okaY? And my pretty face saddedntly got angry. Why why are you asking me, who are you?
Oh miss sorry I'm just worry it's too early for whisky and beside you look 13 years old for the whisky!
I was angry and said to him hey mister or who ever you are I am 16 years old so don't worry I can drink anything I want. After I said that the bus stop and still angry I went first outside of the bus and walk very fast, I didn't look at him anymore.
But I check my profile and got a new message. And said still angry miss whisky drinker?
I stop walking and look at my back and his there and he gave me a beautiful smile.
I didn't think anything I just ran to his open hand waiting to hug me.

Posted 6/25/16

.......... what the actual
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Posted 7/9/16
Interesting.. did you guys have a chat and went your separate ways?
Posted 7/9/16
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Posted 7/9/16
that sounds like a one of a kind type of day! haha
Posted 7/9/16
If I met someone I knew on CR like that.

This would be me after finding out.

What a strange event however.
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