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Pentagon ban on transgender troops 'likely' to be lifted next month
Posted 6/27/16

MeImportaTresCojones wrote:

The real question: Will they be assigned barracks based on sex or gender?

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Posted 7/2/16 , edited 7/2/16
It happened. The ban on transgender people serving openly has been lifted. Three reasons have been given:

1. The DOD and armed forces needed to remove barriers unrelated to a person's qualification to serve preventing them from recruiting and retaining capable, willing, and competent personnel. This was considered the most fundamental reason for the change, with reference not only to the value of competent recruits but also to the relative loss suffered from removing a talented, competent person in whom a great deal of effort, time, and money has already been invested merely because of their transgender status.

2. Transgender servicemen and women already exist and have proven themselves to be an asset to the DOD and armed forces, and it is a responsibility per the promise made upon granting these people enlistment/commission that transgender personnel have their care covered and that it be accessible from within the military health system. It was also acknowledged that it is the responsibility of the secretary's office and upper brass to provide clear policies that provide a straightforward path for commanders to follow so as to avoid placing either themselves, personnel in general, or transgender personnel in particular into compromising positions through no fault of their own.

3. As a matter of principle there is no good cause to deny transgender people who volunteer themselves, meet all readiness standards and possess all requisite competencies, and who otherwise meet with all policy and standards the opportunity to lend their talents to the defence of their nation.

Some of the particulars have already been hammered out, while others remain to be worked on. Grand news, this. Positively grand.
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Posted 12/2/17
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