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pope again
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Posted 6/27/16

Kira0309 wrote:

He is like a democrat in party full of republicans.

Not really. Outside of a handful of social issues, most Church policies would probably land on the left side of the political spectrum.
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Posted 6/27/16 , edited 6/27/16
Generally I don't bother to reply to forums, but these arguments currently are rather cancerous, so I figured i may as well go to the trouble.

The original argument that the Church shouldn't be able to say this because of what they've done in the past is irrelevant. It is a personal attack that has no purpose besides to draw attention away from any legitimate points being made. This is typically known as a logical fallacy known as an ad hominem attack. If the Church can no longer say anything because of the fact that they have scandals in their past, then it shouldn't exist anymore. The fact that it still stands means that we should judge what is being said based on their arguments and intent.

The argument that we shouldn't apologize based on the fact that the masses shouldn't have to apologize for the few, while true, isn't what the Pope is suggesting. He is not suggesting that Christians should apologize for the attack on the Pulse nightclub, he is suggesting that we use this tragedy as an opportunity for Christians to apologize for their inaction in the past that led to the persecution of the LGBTQ+ community. This is why he also says the Christians should use this an an opportunity to apologize to other persecuted against groups such as the poor. He is no more asking you to apologize for the attack specifically than he is asking you to apologize for someone in California spitting on a homeless person. What he is asking is that people consider the fact that they have participated in a society that has antagonized minority groups such as these to the point of vilifying them in the public's eyes.

Also, slightly unrelated, but even if the Pope doesn't speak for you. (He doesn't for me since I'm not Christian.) That doesn't mean that the things he says aren't relevant to you. He is generally a wise and kind man and is in a position deserving of respect.

Until recent years, the general public has had a strong bias against the members of the LGBTQ+ community and the Pope is simply asking you all to acknowledge that so that in the future you can avoid it. He asks that the next time you hear an insensitive comment made against a minority group of any kind, that you assert yourself on their behalf and make it known that all people are equal and that such comments are abusive and absolutely not okay. The Pope's comment is not requesting that you lower yourself before people of minority groups, but rather that you work to stand up within the majorities you belong to and embrace their differences. But, if you insist on continuing your Pope bashing, feel free to simply dismiss my arguments as the words of a bored, atheist, 19-year-old.

Tl:dr Be nice to people, including the Pope. Also, consider your arguments and their legitimacy before you support them.
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Posted 8/4/16
OP nuked, closed.
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