Which story do you like the most?
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Let me know if a thread like this one exist or not'
Thanks a bunches.

Choose three out of the twenty stories listed that you liked the most. I'm just curious as to which stories gets the most likes.


1) Title: Ridah Bloodz

Premise: A girl is forced to live with her grandparents after her family were murdered. It's there in the village she meets a group of bounty hunters that later
takes her in.

Plot: Miranda lived in the city until her parents and little brother were murdered. With no where else to go, she headed to the village of Varisvaara where her grandparents live. It's in this village, she meets a group of bounty hunters name Ridah Bloodz who later takes her in. Miranda and Ridah Bloodz goes on adventures finding notorious criminals and memories from their past.

2)Title: Grand Crown Royale

Premise: Two people work together to survive a deadly obstacle course in order to obtain a valuable prize.

Plot: Julius lives in the outer districts while Amanda lives in the inner districts. Two people live very different lives but both are placed in a deadly obstacle course known as Grand Crown Royale. Julius and Amanda must fight each other in order to obtain the most valuable prize Not wanting to fight, Amanda and Julius work together to win the valuable prize.

3)Title: The Labyrinth of Melancholia

Premise: Twelve people are trapped in a labyrinth with no memory of how they got there but only one can get out.

Plot: When twelve people wake up in a white labyrinth, they have no memory of how they got there. But they'll soon learn that only one of them can leave the labyrinth. These twelve people will endure Merry-Go-Reset, Flash of Grievance, and the Plagues as they try to leave the labyrinth. Anyone who fails will enter Extended Sorrow and who ever succeeds will go through Transcedence. Which of the twelve will leave? Who is Melancholia?

4)Title: Galaxia

Premise: A boy and his crew of space pirates venture through space to find the edge of the universe in order to obtain a famous treasure.

Plot: Xavier is an ordinary boy wants to become a space pirate and find the edge of the universe. He travels to different planets to find members for his crew. They all gather together to find the edge of the universe and obtain Galaxia. Can they get there before other space pirate reach the edge?

5) Title: Lady and The Bandit:

Premise: A princess decides to help a bandit find the real culprit behind his king's murder.

Plot: Haeleigh is the princess of a vast empire who loves the thrill of adventures. She runs away from home to start her own adventures but along the way she meets a bandit name Crimson. Crimson is a wanted criminal who fled the Kingdom of Crainada. He was actually framed for a crime he did not do and wants to find the real killer. Haeleigh decides to help him as a means of having an adventure.

6) Title: Revolution Academy Club:

Premise: A group of club members struggle to survive a monster apocalypse.

Plot: Lucian is a regular student at Gaivan Memorial Academy. He decides to join a club at the academy and it's there he meets a group of strange people. Lucian's life changes when monstrous creatures start attacking the world. It's then the club decides to work together to slay every monster. They will struggle to survive the madness.

7)Title: Magical Chronicles:

Premise: A boy with amnesia learns that he can control magic.

Plot Ryan was struck with amnesia when he was in a car accident. It wasn't long that he discovered that he can use magic like some people. But he has no idea why that is.Ryan will go on a journey to find his memories and learn what kind of person he was before the car accident. He'll also learn why he can use magic.

8)Title: Meallulyra:

Premise: A series of stories about an empire engulfed in both magic and technology.

Plot: The empire of Meallulyra is a vast and powerful empire where both magic and technology reigns supreme. There are countless stories about Meallulyra that goes around the nine continents. Enter the stories of a major empire that change the world.

9) Title: Original Sinner, Artifical Saint:

Premise: A man has been given the chance to leave hell in order to start fresh.

Plot: Kevin a college student who died in a fatal train accident. He wakes up in hell but it wasn't long that Satan has given him another chance to make a fresh start. Kevin must solve the mystery behind the train accident. Kevin must do what he can to solve the mystery of the train accident. As he is reborn as a new person, he'll commits acts of sins and virtues to solving the truth behind the train accident.

10)Title: Glass Angels:

Premise: a girl comes from an abusive household later gets adopted by a former gang member.

Plot: Olivia lives with with abusive mother, father, and brother struggling to get by day by day. Everything changes when her father kills her mother and brother while in a drunken stupor. He later then kills himself after realizing what he has done. With no where to go Olivia took the streets and became homeless. It wasn't long until she was taken in by a man name Dominick. Dominick take in Olivia as his daughter. But when Dominick's past come to haunt him, he must do whatever he can to stop it and protect Olivia.

11) Title: Stormrace:

Premise: A boy discovers that he is a member of a clan that protect the world from evil.

Plot: George was just your average teenager until he learned that he comes from a clan of warriors. The warriors protect the world from great evils that threaten it. George must prove that he can become a good warrior and save the world from many evil threats.

12) Title: Divine Academia

Premise: A demigod attends the academy for gods and goddesses in order to learn the secret behind her past

Plot: Romana is a demigod living in a world where she is the only one of her kind. Suddenly, she gets accepted into an academy for gods and does whatever she can to learn about her past. She wants to know who her mother the goddess is and why was she born. Romana will solve the mystery behind her past but also try to get use to the academy.

13) Title: The Fake Enchantress

Premise: A girl who not only has magical powers and is a princess lives in a world where both things don't exist

Plot: Francesca is a witch and a princess who must hide her identity a secret from the world. She wants nothing more than to live a normal life without anyone knowing who she really is. She'll make honest friends and frightening enemies as she tries to lead a normal life.

14)Title: Deus Syndrome

Premise: A slave and test subject escapes from a facility obtains god powers. He is on the run from the government and so are other like him.

Plot: Helsectia's secret government facility is trying to create god soldiers in order to win the war. A hundred people were captured and used as test subjects in order to become god soldiers.
But out of the hundred, forty people died due to the injections. The ones that lived obtained the god powers and managed to escape from the facility. Among those people, is a guy name Adrian
who moved to a different country in order to get away from Helsectia. The Helsectian Government is searching for the gods and are bringing them back so they can fight in the upcoming war.
Adrian meet a girl name Rhonda who is just like him. Together they try to outrun the Helsectian Government.

15)Title: The Dropout King

Premise: A college dropout manages to form a new nation after getting banned from the one he lived in

Plot: Claude is a college dropout who committed a serious crime that got him kicked out of his country. Now he resides in a nameless country that suffers from serious anarchy. Knowing nothing
about politics and how to rule a nation, exactly how did this college dropout became king of a nation?

16) Title: Guild Prince

Premise: A fallen prince joins a guild and endure many adventures

Plot: Eric was a prince of a poor and small nation that fell to a mighty nation. He lost his royal status and wealth and including his family. Eric now joins a guild in order to gain work. He plans on
working to take back his nation and make it prosperous again. But he learns that the guild is his new home and enjoys the adventures he goes on.

17)Title: Commoner Revolt

Premise: An alliance of commoners revolt against their noble ruler who has treated them unfairly for years.

Plot: The Common Union Federation Faction(CUFF) is an alliance of commoners who want to overthrow any and every nobility. They hate the rich and powerful and want nothing more than to get rid of
them. CUFF leader and former nobleman Zachariah A. Vincent is plotting to overthrow their noble ruler. He has treated the commoners unfairly and treat the rich with proper respect. Zachariah wants to get rid of him. The daughter of the noble ruler wants nothing more then to kill her father for his petty hatred towards commoners. She works with Zachariah to put an end to her father's deeds and make
Zachariah the leader.

18)Title: Immortals of Acrison

Premise: A series of stories revolve around eight immortal people

Plot: Eight people manage to find a way to become immortal and all live in the futuristic city of Acrison. They go about their daily live unable to die but hide the secrets from the world. These people will
do whatever they can to achieve happiness in a world where death has no need for them.

19)Title: Lord of Demons

Premise: Twenty people are trapped on a cruise ship stranded in the middle of the sea

Plot: When twenty people are trapped on a cruise ship, they get stranded in the middle of the sea. Soon the people lose their minds the longer they stay on ship. It's not long until they are forced to play a game which will find culprit behind the cruise getting stranded. Who is the mastermind behind this? Who is this rumored Lord of Demons?

20)Title: Highlights

Premise: People with superpowers are caught in a series of events that involves an incident that happen twenty years ago

Plot: There are ten people with superpowers find themselves trapped in a series of strange and unforutnate events that involves something that happened twenty years ago. They want to know why they have superpowers and what happened twenty years ago. Enter their lives as they try to solve the mystery of twenty years ago and endure other strange events.
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