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Posted 9/20/16 , edited 9/26/16
EP 12 / "The Separation”

Good EP as the Yokai who Ashiya saved want to help him ! even the legislator says he shoud not be fired! Zenko tris to help too

The Morose Mononokean EP 13 "The End”

Very nice Ashiya got his vision back with help from the Yokai he helped and Abeno seems to be happy too!

A good anime for the season!

Reunited with the yokai he and Ashiya exorcised together, Abeno realizes the Mononokean still needs Ashiya. Abeno suddenly misses him, and with the help of the yokai, he decides to give his idea a try. Meanwhile, Ashiya wonders if the reason Abeno has been absent from school so much is because he's busy exorcising yokai and decides to check out the shrine in the mountains Yahiko mentioned.
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Posted 9/25/16 , edited 9/25/16
Episode 13 (Finale)

While Ashiya may not be able to see yokai, he just can't stop thinking about them. So he follows what he believes to be the yokai Okina into a temple, and he gets himself backed into a corner feeling the same way he did at the beginning and collapses when a hand appears out of nowhere. Just like that, his vision is back as it was Yahiko all along giving him a scare that was the trigger. So now everything is back to normal with Ashiya working for Abeno once again. That was nice to see all the yokai Ashiya helped gathered inside the temple to greet Ashiya and that moment there with Ashiya playing with Fuzzy is pretty cute. In any case, that was a fitting way to end this.

Just like that, the happy times continue now that Ashiya's pet fuzzball is back. Well, it was always there, but he just couldn't notice it until now.

Final Thoughts

This show got off to a rough start as it began just about as bland as it possibly could. But as the series progresses, the show improves with the introduction of new characters that made this show nice to watch, all while the humor and storytelling got better with it. In all, it was a fun show to watch from the fourth episode onward when the yokai world was introduced, and that's when the show got more interesting and amusing. This show has some other major issues like subpar animation and long breaks of nothingness, but at least they weren't too distracting once the general storyline was established. So in summary, the characters, the humor, and the air of mystery make this show go, while the setup, the animation, and the flow were things that could have been improved on.

Grade: B- (high 7/10)
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Posted 9/25/16

Awwwww (´;ω;`)

This show was extremely entertaining. Maybe 'cus I'm a fan of the Youkai shows I'm a little biased. but this was really well pulled off.

Would love to see another season of this, since all characters have a great potential of growing. I'd really love to see a Hanae x Zenko ship, hehe. :3

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