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Posted 6/28/16
As you may already know, one of the most controversial advertisements for Mighty No. 9 was the master class trailer with the narrator saying this gem "make the bad guys cry like anime fans on Prom night"

I wonder, were anyone from this community offended by this line? Did this change your purchasing decision?

I personally felt it was a low blow to backers such as myself who pledged over $300 to the game.

What are your thoughts?
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Posted 6/28/16
Wasn't offended at all actually, but I also didn't back this trainwreck so I've been able to find all the antics surrounding this release rather amusing.

I honestly just cringed at how lame and tone deaf the joke sounded. The "nerds are virgins" thing is a pretty dated stereotype and the joke itself doesn't even flow well. It also seemed like some kind of "wink nudge" to this imaginary dudebro crowd that likely aren't interested in a game that done in a VERY anime style and looks like some dollar bin relic from the Gamecube/PS2/Dreamcast days.

The joke just really encompassed everything that was wrong with the trailer in general: Lame, cringe-worthy, dated, doesn't flow well, tone deaf, and completely unaware of who the audience for this game even is.
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