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Posted 6/28/16 , edited 7/6/16

Wall Eyes

FINALLY THE RP IS HERE ! Let's try to keep the plot as simple as possible.

Plot :DIO left some minions behind before dying and the Joestar descendants and their partners decided to assemble to fend off the minions. You'll be able to choose your side, created your character, his Stand and its abilities (4 maximum). The RP will also feature 4 cities in which you can interact with others in : Morioh, New York, Rome, and Cairo

Character Info
Name of character:
Likes :
Dislikes :
Name of Stand:
Stand Abilities
(nothing too Over-Powered + tell your strengths and weaknesses):
Good or Evil:
Backstory :
Which town will your character start in :

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18 / M / Budogaoka High Sc...
Posted 7/5/16 , edited 7/26/16
Name of character: Yoshimi Ren
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Likes : Winning, People doing things for him
Dislikes :Stubborn People, Better talkers than him, Fighting
Personality: Very laid back but has a short temper and gets frustrated if things dont go the way he planned them
Name of Stand: Bipolar Tendencies
Stand Abilities : Can manipulate your actions through your emotions as long as you're in his 20 meter range
for example : Bipolar Tendencies can make you suicidal... you know what comes next.
Weaknesses: His Stand will not work on someone who doesnt much emotion or someone really stubborn. It takes 2 minutes for Bipolar Tendencies' effect to come in. It doesnt start immidiately.The effects disappear after 25 minutes and the victim doesn't remember anything.
Good or Evil: Evil
Backstory : Ever since a young age, Yoshimi always got everthing he wanted in life by talking people into it. His parents, teachers, friends, police officers, anyone... Yoshimi was taken to his limits by another person, and killed him.Since that day, for him, the lines between Evil and just Diabolical have been blurred.
Which town will your character start in : El Cairo City
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Posted 7/12/16 , edited 7/12/16
Name of character: Makoto Brando (?)
Age: 29
Gender: F
Likes: Chance, Rules, Flamboyant Sushi
Dislikes: Sympathy, Charity, Cup Ramen
Personality: Manipulates loopholes and risks relationships to achieve control over co-workers.
Plays the lottery and the stock market. Loves reality TV.
Name of Stand: Amethyst Tryst
Stand Abilities: Her rivals must peacefully adhere to any agreements and contracts.
Signatures, promises, and even reluctant nods can mean absolute obedience.
Good or Evil: Neutral. A true opportunist who gravitates to (and may betray) the highest power..

Backstory: Starting at the tender age of 6, Makoto denied her reality.
She giggled at the games people played with their money and their lives on TV and across the street, where confidence always seemed to swell thicker than the thin blinds. Never knowing her father, Makoto quickly surpassed the suave stories her mother insisted on spreading (Seductive vampires? Hah!), inheriting one of Dio Brando's many established businesses after his...unfortunate death. Makoto moved to the U.S., using her family's money and reputation to endorse up-and-coming idols in a televised talent contest. She waits, bored and impatient on the panel, for the next superstar.

Which town will your character start in: New York.

(did I do it right )
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18 / M / Budogaoka High Sc...
Posted 7/26/16
Yes you characters has been approved. Any weaknesses though ?
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