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Post Reply Florida woman arrested after threatening man with hatchet for refusing intercourse
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34 / F / In a van down by...
Posted 7/3/16
After the tragedy of Orlando, nice to see the citizens of Florida back to their normal, batshit crazy selves...
Posted 7/4/16

FlyinDumpling wrote:

alfury wrote:

I'm not trying to defend the woman, but I think there is more to the story than what the news has just presented us. I'm glad he is safe though.

And this is what happens when we become a slave to alcohol... Mmmmm...............................
No it's not the alcohol. everyone gets drunk but not everyone runs around with axes

I was thinking that since people react differently when drunk, maybe the woman had downed her sorrows on - This man hasn't given her sex although he's leeching off her - So she gets drunk, becomes more confident, and starts throwing a kiddie fit when her demands aren't met!

Oh ok. Maybe not.
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Posted 7/4/16
What this story lacks is an alligator.
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