Ultraman 50th Anniversary Celebration on NHK Japan Broadcasting
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Posted 7/1/16 , edited 7/2/16
For any of you Ultraman fans out there.... have a look at this!


On July 9th, there is going to be a 3 hour long special on NHK Japan for Tsuburaya's 50th Anniversary Celebration of Ultraman (so of course I won't be able to see it!) !!

The website is very interactive, and there's even a page where fans can post artwork and feelings about all the different aspects of Ultraman!

You can also vote for a favorite episode and monsters!

A really great part, they even accept artwork from outside Japan! My wife and I submitted some pieces, which they posted in the gallery!

If you love Ultraman, and want to share your thoughts or Ultra art too, visit their gallery:

Here is my 'Detroit Kaiju' style piece:

My wife's custom Blythe 'Giant Fuji':

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