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Post Reply I hate eggs
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Posted 7/3/16 , edited 7/3/16
I hate scrambled eggs as well, but agree with what Ocale said:

Ocale wrote:

Scrambled are trash. Try over easy. Eat the whites, then get some toast and dip in in the yolk.


As for common foods I dislike, I suppose the one that turns the most heads is sausage. I just don't like the flavor of it very much.

Also peanut butter, or anything with peanut butter in it. That seems to shock a lot of people as well.

I also hate mushrooms, but have met a lot of others who are with me on that one. I mean, why eat a fungus? Just... why...?
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Posted 7/3/16
I can't stand eggs either. Doesn't matter how they're cooked, as a main part of a dish they're too sulfurous for me to enjoy.
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