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Posted 12/26/16
Episode 24 (Season 1 Finale)

And now to end it, it's a celebration of Saiki.

Special 116

That not amazing magician Chouno is back and while he fails miserably again as a magician he realizes that potential has a comedian, so combining those two things, and he has found something that he can make a living on.

Special 117

Yumehara has gotten fat from binge eating on those snacks, so she's working out like crazy. But while working out, she needs to lay off on the snacks, so in comes Saiki reaching out to Yumehara as Kaidou to get her to stop snacking, and it works like a charm.

Special 118

During break time, Saiki's friends are up to something as they are planning a surprise birthday party. Just one problem: it ain't Saiki's birthday as it's three months later. It's his father who is having his birthday coming up.

Special 119

The planning is in place, and while Saiki is not exactly pleased that his birthday is going to be celebrated at the right time, he's just playing along. His friends worked quite hard, so is just wouldn't be right for him to poop on the party.

Special 120

And so it ends with the birthday party, but it is Saiki's father who is experiencing it as it is his birthday, all while he appears as Saiki to his friends. Saiki learns firsthand just how many friends he has. With that, the first season ends and a second one is coming soon.

Final Thoughts

This show has been a whole lot of fun to watch as the comedy is just insane and LOL funny. The characters are a really quirky bunch that adds to the enjoyment, and the directors and writers always found ways to keep the humor fresh with the use of psychic abilities. Just about the only major blemish that this show has is the lack of character development, and while that's not the biggest priority of this show, it would have helped to see Saiki better able to cope with being a psychic around these crazy people better, but in the end it's the comedy that matters most and in that regard, this show totally nails it.

Grade: B+ (high 8/10)
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Posted 12/26/16
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. SPECIALS 116-120

MY Summary / otherwise FUNI Episode REcap and Daily Shorts

The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki Special 116 Talent Blossoms?! Melancholy of A Popular Magician

Chouno uses comedy in his magic acT ( What magic ? ) and vecomes a big hit . Saiki goes and watches and thinks it's funny too. A warm up act sees Saiki ( they know Chouno calls him master anf throws a baseball at him only Saiki stops it thenstrip them out of abboyance . Chouno see this and wants to become a true magican which Saiki thinks to himself just be comedians

Uryoku Chouno, the magician who calls Saiki "Master," has become quite popular and invites Saiki to his solo magic show.

The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki Special 117 An Exercise in Runaway Delusion

Saiki sees Yumehara has gained weight but nobody wants too teel hher intil Mera tries to eay her thinking she is a pig At Which point Yumehara tries ruuning ans Saike sees her and decicdes tp observe She stops but has snacks enough for at least a week . She tries tries Sit-ups but with the idea to put potato chips between her legs . Saiki tries to help by implanting Kaidou into her brain and takes the snacks /He comes bacl later ans she has done a 1000 situps and when he goes and reads her mind Kaiduo has turned into villian like master. A few days later Yumehara is back to weight but now regards Kaiduo has her master !

Yumehara has gained weight, but it seems that she hasn't noticed it herself. Teruhashi is wavering whether or not she should tell her.

The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki Special 118 Break-time Disaster

Poor Saiki besides overhearing everybody's thoughts he gets visyed by his friends for stupid things . But something is up rveybody is acting strange // he finds our they are planning a B-Day surprise 9 well not no more ) and which he deosnt want !

During the ten-minute break between classes, Saiki receives a steady stream of visitors, which leaves him unable to actually take a break.

The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki Special 119 Crushed! Surprise Party (Part 1)

The bithdat that Saiki's mom revealed is for his dad as Saiki's is 3 months away . So Saiki tries to stop it.Vut hearing how much they put into it he just goes home the next day but Plan B is to go to Saiki's house . Saiki arrives as they are there so he makes his dad look like him But Nenduo shows ans see 2 Saiki's but Saili places a mirror and Nenduo doest think anything of it.

Saiki's friends have been planning a surprise birthday party for him for a week now. However, Saiki tries to stop it from happening.

The Disaster of Psi Kusuo Saiki Special 120 Crushed! Surprise Party (Part 2)

Saiki finaally gets his dad alone tp explain things so he goes along withe the usual antics. However Saiki's dad is good sometimes as he gets Saiki doesnt want to hurt theirvfeelings and leaves . So when Saiki goes to the party he overhears them saying he felt strange so Saiki goes in and thet fell better !

Surprised when Saiki skips on cleaning duty and heads straight home, ruining Kaidou’s plans to lure him to the surprise party, they quickly develop a new plan to surprise Saiki at his home.

Thanks and sad to see it end / but more is coming

A very very underated anime
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Posted 12/27/16
I've been thoroughly enjoying this show. It's my last remaining tie to Funi at the moment. Still have one more episode to go. I'll kind of miss having it in my weekly lineup.
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Posted 1/4/17
I certainly hope it gets another season. I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, it seemed to have slipped under the radar for a lot of people.
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