Post Reply Welcome! Anyone new just stop by and say hey before you start your journey
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Posted 7/3/16 , edited 7/4/16
Hey! My name's Michael but most people call me slick so you chose which one you are most comfortable using. I'm 18 and enjoy gaming, watching anime and photoshop. Since we are all good friends i'll tell you a funny story about myself I never watched anime or read manga until I was seventeen. Yea! I know right, Anime was first introduced into my life when a friend in teamspeak asked if I watched any anime, of course I laughed and said no but he was one persistent person and forced me to watch gargantia on the verdurous planet I must say that was one bad ass show in fact i'm about to go watch it again for the 5th time. When it all ended I had to watch more so that is what brought me to watch SAO and many other shows.
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Posted 11/30/17 , edited 11/30/17
Hello all!
Call me Lela or ybanez either is fine by me
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