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Posted 7/4/16 , edited 7/6/16
Rules on mechs.

  • When creating a mech, you must also create a hanger to house it, an engineering staff to maintain and repear it, a scientist or head engineer who created it, and the mechs pilot. A pilot can also be it's creater. But please make it believable.

  • Mechs are very powerful vehicles. When using one, you must be away from a heavily populated area, or the situation in the city has become very grave. After calling it in you'll have to wait one post.

  • Special rules on combat.

  • All fights in this role play can result with the death of your character. So choose your battles wisely.

  • If a player is going to fight another player, they should get permission from each other first and then ask me or a mod if they can make a whole thread for their fight. Battles will be fought in five posts max (both role players get up to 5 posts).

    After the last, 5th post. It will be judged by me or a mod and the winner can decide the other person's fate unless both players agree from the beginning that this fight would not result in death. Someone can retreat in the middle of the fight but their retreat will be judged as well.

  • A person's skill and magical or genetic abilities can evolve/improve with every battle. Fights with other players have a higher chance of improving these things.

  • Technology can be improved with money. Money is earned through missions.

  • Basic rules

  • No god modding whats so ever.

  • When doing something romantic, please have the other roleplayer's consent and keep it PG13. Anything too naughty should be taken to private messages.

  • Curse words should be censored.
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