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Police union: All of the Police department's in the USA and it's commonwealths have united as a true, single union. The duties of a police officer focus on protecting the people and property of the United States. A Police Officer must patrol the areas they are assigned, which sometimes include entire jurisdictions, respond to calls, enforce laws, make arrests, issue citations, and occasionally testify in court cases. Recently, there has been a uprising of murders accross NYC. The person or persons continue to leave the bodies of there victims in the middle of a pentagram.

The Police union specialize in Exo Technology, Investigating, Searching and Team work. They also have a secret experimental unit who's some members specialize in magic and others have genetic abilities.

Asahigakure clan: The only remaining Ninja clan in all of Japan. They work as mercenary agents, highly trained in martial arts and Ninjutsu (magic). They are mainly hired all over the world for covert purposes ranging from espionage to sabotage and assassination. Recently, they were hired by somebody for a special mission. Along with being paid with the biggest check in mercenary history, they were given information on the location of 2 very powerful weapons being made somewhere in NY along with the blue prints of the facility.

The Asahigakure clan specialize in Ninjutsu (magic), Cyber Technology, Stealth, Assassination, and 1 on 1 Duals. But for all there skill, they are a small organization.

The Charlemagnes: The worlds largest criminal organization, they have a foothold in every major city. Any crime that can earn the group money is commited. White and Blue coller, Drug dealing, Arms dealing, and any type of Armed robbery, just to name a few. The Charlemagnes only act violently when necessary. Recently, they've been planning to commit the biggest heist in history.

The Charlemagnes specialize in Genetic, Computer Technology, Intimidating, Smuggling, and Riches.

Thurin Ist: The Thurin Ist is a secret organization that have manipulated many events in secret in order to benefit Elven kind. The Thurin Ist only accept Elves and Half Elves into there organization. Many governments that are runned but Elves are under the control of Thurin Ist. There biggest threat is the United States Government mainly because The USA does not have many Elves in power and the ones that are in power are loyal to America and not to the Elven Heritage. They have a deep hatred for the Charlemagne's because of their willingness to commit blue collar crimes and robbing there banks on a daly bases. They have a plan to get rid of them soon.

The Thurin Ist specialize in Elven Magic, Elven Genetics, Manipulating, Organizing, and Riches. Also, they look down on any Elf that decided to get cybernetic surgery of any kind. They pay for there computer security, and the many they get is considered legally, even if it's unfair. They also have a secret death squad.

United States Military: The United States Military has a long and bloody history with many victories and and very few loses. Today, they mostly patrol there allies borders and trade routes. They also fight off dangerous creatures that threaten society. In secret, they run Black Op missions to keep there enemies and the enemies of their allies at bay and from causing World War 3 as well as hacking other countries to spy on them. Recently, there have been rumors circulating within the military of a coup being planned. But sometimes rumors are just that, rumors.

The United States Military specialize in all forms of Technology, Genetics, Marksmenship, Stealth, and Teamwork.
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