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Posted 7/5/16
Have you ever found a shiny Pokemon?

Would you like to?

Who have you found?

Did you catch it?

Are you using methods to find shiny Pokemon?

What about from events?

Here's a place to talk about your shiny Pokemon encounters. Remember that we have a thread for offering shiny trades and advice on methods are stored in out Tips and Tricks thread!
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Posted 7/18/16 , edited 7/18/16
Yep. Mostly by luck (and a bit of perseverance). In my Pokémon Emerald, I restarted the game over and over again to get a shiny Torchic! Took me several hundreds of tries. As of now, I got 10 shinies (Blaziken, Wailord, Seaking, Rapidash, Greninja, Milotic, Mawile, Nintales, Gyrados [via Soul Silver], and Articuno).
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Posted 7/23/16
I found a shiny Larvitar on X and Y by wonder trade actually lol I remember trading it for a combee or something and I felt really bad.

If the person who traded their shiny Larvitar is reading this I hope you took care of my combee. (it was a male combee too, heck I feel bad again lol)

I think I named that combee Buttface I don't remember.
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