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Posted 7/5/16 , edited 7/5/16
So, I've had the Glitch/Bug where things don't show up when added to the queue again (I dropped some shows that were going to get dropped anyways, and that fixed it..... for now) and I know it's the same issue I had about 3 seasons ago, and another 1-2 seasons before that. Will we ever get a final fix for this!

So Hopefully this won't show up anymore for this season, and won't become a huge issue like it was last time

For any CR IT person perusing the Help forums, the best info I can give you is that it resembles a past ticket I put in, it involved the show "New Game!" not showing up anywhere in the Queue when I added it, though I doubt the specific show caused the problem, and my temporary fix was removing "Sailor Moon Crystal" from my Queue (Though I tried moving stuff first, specifically moving down "Haven't You Heard, I'm Sakamoto")

If it becomes a Continuing Issue, I'll submit a ticket about it, but until then.... I made this post
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Posted 7/5/16
Episodes will only show up, if they are already added/visible. It'll take a couple of days until all things have settled in and episodes will appear.
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