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When did you start appreciating more mature media?
Posted 7/6/16 , edited 7/6/16
Space Brothers

Mainly anime that keeps it serious the whole time and with characters who are older than high school age
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Posted 7/6/16 , edited 7/6/16

guitarzim22 wrote:

Heh, easily Fist of the North Star, so many things in that show that I love, shows like Corpse Party are like walks in the park

Compared to Fist of the North Star, just about everything is a walk in the park.

I was watching Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies starting around 12 or 13.

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Posted 7/6/16
I guess it was around the time that Robotech hit the airwaves over in the States. At the time, I was
really getting away from the old "kiddified" stuff and Saturday morning cartoons, especially once I
began to see that the world was not always superheroes and good guys beating the same bad guy
time and time again. Carl Macek and Harmony Gold Productions kept most of the themes that
made unaltered anime more believable for mature audiences, and you had war, in which people
can be killed and civilizations ruined, complicated relationships, and more than a few humorous
moments that might not pass the "kiddie test" elsewhere.

After I graduated high school, I was exposed to more and more genres than space opera and
superheroes, and so I came to appreciate things like cyberpunk, historical fantasy and mythology.
And while I did kind of get into hentai (think "sex comedies with lots of boobs and butts and some
naughty business going on between"), it wore off quickly as I found not all of it to my tastes.
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Posted 7/6/16 , edited 7/6/16
Being violent doesn't make something mature. Splatter shows aren't actually very mature at all. Neither are most jiggle shows.

I don't know what I'd say makes something "mature"... the things I like, like Code Geass, K, Black Butler, are more mature than Shonen Jump things, but I don't think I'd really say you have to be mature to enjoy them. I think you have to be mature to get everything there is to get out of them - same with Fullmetal Alchemist and a lot of the other things people have mentioned here.

Maybe Eden of the East, or Terror in Resonance (adorable character designs and all).

(If you haven't seen either of those, go watch them now they're so good omg)

I guess what, to me, makes something mature is a balanced viewpoint - a step past "ambiguous morality", into not judging the characters on their morality at all, but just letting them live and be as they are; and a generally pacifist viewpoint - that these conflicts are really just silly, and we should rise above them and get along. Out of the ones I've mentioned, Black Butler gets closest to the territory of really indulging in the thrill of the battle, but it's still clear that revenge does not end well.

(As for my views on explicit ero content, well, I write yaoi, so...)
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Posted 7/7/16
I grew up on "Americanized" anime shows (Speed Racer, Kimba, Battle of the Planets, Robotech, Starblazers,etc) so I was used to anime itself but when I saw a handful of anime movies I began to dig deeper. I couldn't tell you which I saw first but the movies that changed it all for me were Windaria, Nauusica Valley of the Wind, Macross Do You Remember Love, Vampire Hunter D, Lensman and Toei's Tomb of Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster anime movies (based on the Marvel comics). I think it was those movies that first got me looking into raw Japanese anime (no I don't speak it) and fansubs. That's when I stepped away from the American anime market (aka chopped edited versions).
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Posted 1/1/18
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