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Thread Upon the Light

The dark of the night was gathering on that afternoon in the elven city of Ahryos. Ghardy, the eldest son of the low-born Docran house, was eagerly taking his leave for the Legions of Latimia. His father was old and his mother in great anguish for the departure of her “baby”, regardless of his 23 years of life. In the other hand his two younger brothers could not be more proud and to some extent jealous. Milyak was the youngest and one with a fiery heart; Ezerok was older than Milyak by a year and was of the three siblings, the wittiest. The youngsters sieged Ghardy as he tried to make his exit.

Milyak: “Why can’t we go with you? We are young men too.”

Ezerok: “You are just a boy ‘Yaki, be serious.”

Milyak: “I’ll beat you for calling me that…

Ghardy: “There, there! Ease up ‘Yak! You two take care of things while in gone. Right?”

Milyak: “This is so unfair I want to see the Army of Demons for myself.”

Ezerok: “Be careful of their metal dragons and their undead men.”

Ghardy sights, he looks to the ceiling as if searching for some divine strength. He kneels before his brothers to hug them and says: “This is no game for you boys to play. Now that I’ll be gone mother and father will both need more help than ever. It falls on you both to make them happy on their final days. Don’t follow my steps, stay by their side. Do not seek war so eagerly.” By this time, Ghardy’s grip becomes stronger and small tears roll from his eyes. His voice betrays him, as his feelings choke his breath. But he keeps that strong manly attitude he wanted to inspire to his bothers. With great difficulty and biting his own teeth, Ghardy manages to voice a final sentence to his siblings: “Do not disappoint me!”

It can’t be told for certain if it were Ghardy’s words or his noticeable grief what calmed the young boys. Ghardy stood up and turned to the door to make his exit before they saw his tears. Outside an old friend, Mahel, awaited him. “Let’s go” said Ghardy, as he quickly wiped his cheeks. Both men began their walk.

Mahel: “Harsh to bid farewell I take it. I’m glad I cannot say they wait for my return.”

From a distance behind them the agonizing cries of a mother are heard. “Ghardy! Ghardy!! My baby, don’t go!!” The two men stop and turn around, the child and the mother run towards one another meeting t a middle point. The mother clings onto her child; suddenly she notices the presence of Mahel in the back ground. “Mahel, come here you are too like my child. Come, come!” Mahel approaches and is embraced by motherly arms.

Mahel is shocked. “Miss Virah, please….” Mahel is interrupted by the mother.

Virah: “I will not hold you any longer, but I’ll be damned if I let you boys go without my blessing. Come here the both of you.”

Virah evokes, with her hand, the sign of the blessing on each face. It is a straight line from the forehead to the chin, symbolizing a path. This custom of the Latimian elves is followed with the words: “Thread upon the light.” Those were the words that were indeed pronounced by Virah under that dark sky.

And so it was that the two men left for a future of almost certain peril. In the days to come they would become part of Legions of Latimia; they would be trained to become soldiers, to take part in a bloody, and violent carnage they called The Sacred War. They called their enemies demons, but those demons were really foreign humans.
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Posted 7/6/16
Infans et Bellum

Eyes open up before the darkness. These motherless eyes know nothing of life and so, they do not fear the hollow void. Muffled sounds reverberate from the distance. Those were the cries of newly born babies but those cries were not alone. Within the many cries there were more distinct sounds, the voices of men. Suddenly, a beam of light tears open the dark fabric from top to bottom and the motherless eyes are illuminated for the first time. The eyes now see figures, the silhouette of a man.

Silhouette 1: “Well, will you look at that! This one is eager to start living… what a pair of cute green eyes she has. Dr. Stern take a look at this one.” The silhouette turned his head and made an inviting gesture to Dr. Stern.

Stern: “Let me see… what do we have here? Ahhhh! Hello there!” The doctor takes a good look at her for some time. “She doesn’t even cry, a though little baby girl it seems. Scan the strain in her.”

The other man reaches for some strange device outside the frame as Stern contemplates the motherless eyes. The man comes back with the strange device in his hand and aims it at the baby. He is quickly interrupted by Stern: “Close her eyes first, it could blind her.” The man covers the face with his left hand and fire the device. A thin, blue beam of light scans the body of the new-born. The device beeps when the scan is complete.

Stern: “Well?”

Silhouette 1: “She is clean. The virus is still inert in her, vitals are strong. She is one healthy baby girl.”

Dr. Stern smiles with certain grief and sadness in his eyes. “I’ll take the liberty of naming this one Emma.” The baby giggles. “She likes it!” said the other man with a short laughter. Stern continues to bring Emma out of the placenta as the other man proceeds to cut open the next one.

Silhouette 1: “Ohh… Stern…”

Stern: “Burke I cannot look at every child you find cute-”

Burke: “Stern, this one is… infected. It seems to have gone live quite some time ago, it’s largely developed.”

Doctor Stern finishes his previous task and walks towards the capsule that Dr. Burke is attending. He is struck by the sight of this other malformed infant. “Poor thing… Dr. Burke, administer euthanasia!”
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