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Posted 7/7/16
So after buying the new Samsung S7 edge and trying to get my phone up and running. I was on an app downloading streak. Then of the the app that I was installing I noticed a diamond (app) was missing from my new loot chest (phone). And as the devil would have it crunchyroll couldn't install. Some bullshit about -505 or something. I wait about a week trying everyday to install it to NOW avail when suddenly an idea hit me,why not check the forums? So I hit the forms up and I got to one particular post we're an admin said that I could submit my problem so I'm like hey f*** it why not at least tell them the problems going on and I can get it fixed in 8 to 7 months. So I click on the ticket service whatever and I type in my complain tell them about the error and submit. When I say I didn't have a chance to walk back up the stairs. Not only was my problem submitted and reviewed it was also solved in record speed not only did this goddess of a human being help me with my problem he also went beyond what I think he was even supposed to do and offered me some second-hand method to get my app oh and don't confuse this as me raging I am literally crying tears of kawaii joy that I can travel safely knowing my Food Wars isn't far from me. Bless up crunchyroll,bless up.
TL;dr Crunchyroll has the best customer service I've ever experienced. Give this man a raise.

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Posted 7/8/16
Horay! ^.^.
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