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Posted 7/8/16 , edited 7/9/16
So far, some of the series seem interesting. Here are some shows I have seen so far. I'm going to rate them on a 10 point scale.
ReLife- 9.5
Great concept and plot.
Orange- 7.5
Good Romance and Animation style.
Taboo Tattoo -8
Better version of Big Order.
New Game -8
Nice Slice of life.
Momokuri -8
Nice RomCom, really enjoyable.
Rewrite- 7
Interesting. Has Fantasy elements, some what fresh.
Days -6.5
Sport Anime, not my thing but nice so far.
This Art club Has a problem -7.5
Main girl is a total Tsundere. Also characters were nice.
Morose Mononokean - 8.5
Interesting take on exorcism.
Sweetness and Lightning - 7
Cute, nice, and casual.
Amanchu - 9
Animation is hilarious, and characters are very interesting.
Alderamin on the Sky - 9.5
Great animation, nice concept, potential for the best of the season.
Qualidea code - 8
Interesting take on super powers.
Ange vierge - 5
Normal take on powers, too much fanservice for my liking. Not planning to continue.
Thunderbolt Fantasy - 4
Biggest obstacle, its not animated. Character movements are weird. Not planning to continue.
Bananya - 5
Weird concept. Since its short, ill watch it to the end.
The High school life of a Fudanshi - 3
Not my cup of tea. Not planning to continue.
(These are first Impressions)

So far, I do have high hopes for the season, even though there might be a few weird series.
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Posted 7/8/16
I loved relife (and all 13 episodes came out at once perfect for hardcore anime veiwing) twin star just took the action to a new level, I hope naruto shippuden will get back to cannon soon my manga friends say one piece will be good after filler re zero is as hardcore as usual food wars was of the standard we all have come to expect I haven't seen D Grayman but will soon after I rewatch the previous seasons again. Jojo is a fine addition to any week and finally I started The morose mononokean and seems like fun
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Posted 7/8/16
I also saw Morose Mononokean, it's interesting and I do agree with you on Twin Star. I also liked Re:zero that's continuing too.

But some weird series I found so far are Bananya and The high school life of a Fudanshi,
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Bent Reality
Posted 7/9/16 , edited 7/9/16
We'll see. I'll update this (when I remember) when I watch the first episodes of the series. Keep in mind 5/10 is average. I don't ever give 10/10 unless it's perfection incarnate and 9/10 are about half as rare.
Sweetness and Lightning: 7.2/10 It has high potential with the premise in place. There are 3 ways it can go based on first impressions. 1.It crashes and burns because nothing happens. Just food which shokugeki will cover for this season. 2.It progresses the series well explaining everything along the way or 3. It somehow becomes a romcom with teacherxstudent. It's a path it can go ya know. Also they chose the VA for her SO PERFECTLY. made my heart melt.
New Game!:5.7/10 It's just another slice of life with nothing of note other than the mc being a loli who's 18 years old. It's not below average because the art is nice but it's not any higher because it's incredibly boring imo. Slice of life is easy to make but difficult to do well, because you have to make nothing interesting. This is just another slice of life in my eyes but I won't drop it yet to see how it goes and see if it stays boring.
Onara Gorou: 10/10 best anime of the season. It's actually a 4.5/10 because it has a couple laughs and unlike New Game! it's over in 3 minutes. In the end though, it's probably only going to be fart jokes and those get old reaaaal fast. The art style is also kind of lazy because each character is only 1-3 frames with a few adjustments.
Hatsukoi Monster: WTF/10 I'm so... WAT? It's been a while since I've been dumbfounded. I got halfway through episode 1 but it's not happening. I'm dropping this. I can't. Romance is my favorite genre because of the cute characters and possibilities... BUT there are some places you shouldn't be sticking your heads when it comes to this and A 5TH GRADER DATING A uh HIGHSCHOOLER IS ONE OF THOSE PLACES. WHY. What made the the authors think this was a good idea. It was going so well. The heroine is adorable and has long hair (my favorite) but then... why. 2.8/10. Who writes this. Who thought animating this would sell well. what the hell. It doesn't appeal to the male demographic nor the female demographic. What guy wants to see a cute girl date a 5th grader and likewise for females. WHAT. THE. FIRETRUCK.
To be continued...
Posted 7/9/16
I'll be binge watching a lot of series from last season and that of older series. However I did decide I would pcik up a couple for this season. My honest first opinions from the ones I'm currently watching:

Berserk - 7/10 Personally I loved the first season so when I saw this I couldn't help but help pick it up; with a 'JoJo-esque' art style if gives it a really awesome portrayal. Interestingly enough I went back and read the manga to see how it unfolded there and there has been slight changes to it compared to the manga although I can justify some of those changes. Hopefully this will cover up to the arc I've just finished reading linking into the next!

Shokugeki no Souma Season 2 - 8.2/10 As much as I love it; and the refreshed art styles; I can't help but feel that it feels a bit rushed. I'm loving watching scenes that I've already read knowing what is going to occur. But as much as I love it; due to the limited amount of episodes this will impact what content is included. The factor that a new character which should have been introduced in the last season will be included in the next episode or so. I feel that there is going to be a skip of this background to that character.

D. Gray-Man Hallow - 8/10 The hype is back; I loved the original I love the manga (See a theme linking here yet? xD) It's amazing to see the cast back in crisper animation. And I can only feel that good things are to come with the revival of this series. I'll quite happily sit back and watch the arc covered unveil to the more current arcs which are even more suspenseful.

-I will be updating this as I watch more anime; however my general consensus is very positive! Urm; however my overall opinion of the summer season will vary as it goes on.-
Posted 7/21/16 , edited 7/21/16
I think that D. Gray - man Hallow and 91 days , Taboo Tattoo , Kuromukuro are the best shows out of the summer season
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Posted 9/23/16
Since its near the end of the season, I say overall this season rates as a 8.7.
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