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Posted 7/8/16 , edited 7/8/16
This is simply a pet peeve of mine, and while I'll assume I'm not alone in it, I'll also assume that there's plenty of people who aren't affected by it. This is simply my feedback for my issue.

Every time I hop onto the site to watch something, the first thing I'm usually greeted with beneath the main header bar of Shows/Manga/News/Forums/Store etc is a little notification bar. Sometimes it has a "watch the new episode of ___ where ___ happens." I'm fine with those. New notifications isn't my issue.

When I've clicked the X for the 20th time after reading that notification for the 20th time, I start having an issue.
Do I want to connect my facebook? No. I've clicked that X more times than I can remember. Does it still show up? Yep. Do I want it to stop showing up? Yep. I do not wish to connect facebook now and do not wish to connect facebook anytime in the near or far future. Stop asking.

The site uses cookies, we log in with them, and if we don't use cookies, we can't stay logged in or watch things properly. Why is there no record within those cookies of which information bar notifications I've read and clicked X on so I no longer have to see that notification?

It seems to remember per-visit that I've clicked the X and doesn't show me the notification bar while I'm still using the current session's cookie, but then suddenly forgets that little bit of info when I close my browser session, even though it stores the login cookie normally for next time I start a new session.

My feedback is simple. Please take note of notifications I've closed. If I've clicked the X to close it, then I don't want to see it. Remember that I don't want to see it. Don't forget that I don't want to see it.

People who don't click the X to close it either want to see it, don't care, don't pay attention to it in the first place, or have other issues which cause them to not click the X.

People who click the X to close it want to not see it. So, please, stop showing it over and over and over and over and over after I've clicked the X to hide it.


I searched the forums with the terms "facebook" as welll as a separate search of "notification" and could not easily find feedback related to the above, so I apologize in advance if there is already a forum feedback post concerning this topic.
While this mainly concerns the facebook connection notification that I'm tired of seeing, any notification that repeatedly shows beyond two or three times after I've read it and clicked the X is another time too many.
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