Any plans for update CR Manga App
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Posted 7/8/16 , edited 7/9/16
Hey guys, so I've been using Manga Rock for a little bit because I really like the UI and that you can find pretty much everything you need, but sometimes the translations can be pretty bad no matter what source you use, so I go to CR Manga sometimes. (For manga like Seven Deadly Sins or AoT)

But I've noticed that the app kinda seems a bit outdated to be honest. Stuff like notifications don't seem to work and I've looked everywhere to see why but haven't found anything that makes it work for me. The quality of the pages and translations are pretty good though, but I feel like the UI could be a bit more up to date is all (Seems like it hasn't really been updated since iOS 7, either that or its not optimized for the newest iPhone models or something), as well as the notifications issue that some others seemed to have.
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Posted 7/9/16 , edited 7/9/16
Yeah, the manga app hasn't received much attention. It hasn't been updated in a while and I'm just waiting for them to add new content. There's not very many options as of now, it's kind of disappointing.
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Posted 7/10/16 , edited 7/10/16
I used the Manga App all the time but now it crashes after login. I sent 2 emails to the tech service and nothing. I also agree that the UI is pretty bad.
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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
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