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Posted 7/9/16
I came across this line when reading a post in another thread.

"people that are sexually repressed and want to take away rights from others"

This stood out to me as I'm thirty four and have had sex a total of three times. One could say I am repressed. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Where I do feel repressed is in saying promiscuity and homosexuality are wrong. No long-winded explanations as to why I believe that necessary. I can't say I feel compelled to go into someone's bedroom and get them to stop what they are doing, nor do I desire to break apart same sex couples I see walking down the street.

Sometimes I just want to say, "No, you are wrong." so that is what I'll do. They can tell me I'm wrong, I want to be comfortable with them telling me that. I want them to be comfortable with themselves when I tell them they are wrong.

If they stay on that path, so be it. If they turn away from that path, so be it. If I change my view down the road, so be it.

After all we don't get to choose what is right and wrong, only what we believe to be right and wrong based on our own limited experience in life.
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