Fairy Tail Chapter 494+ Predictions!
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Posted 7/10/16 , edited 7/10/16
Since we have already seen the spoilers for chapter 493, that one will not be counted. Hiro Mashima has already announced that Fairy Tail is at its climax, usually meaning that 75%-80% series is already complete and could be nearing the end soon. it also seems that the alvarez arc is almost complete since most of the Spriggan 12 have been defeated, i'd say probably only 8 chapters left of alvarez. There is a good chance that the final arc could be next but we'd have to wait for that, if not, i'd say maybe only 2 arcs left. For the final arc, i absolutely have no idea what the final arc could be. But i would take a prediction and say that all of the Main, Main antagonists (Irene, Zeref, etc) will cross into the next arc as well and continue some of the current storyline. How long will the last arc last for/ well, we dont know yet, but looking at what other Big shonen manga series do for their final, the last arc will probably last a long time, around 80 to 100 chapters. Meaning this arc will be meaty with the story. I really have no other idea for what could go on, so you could put in some of your input as well in the comments.

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