Who wants to talk about random stuff for hours on end
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Posted 7/10/16
Someone please take up a lot of my time im bored.

My redeeming features

1. Dark sense of humor
2. <insert something here>
3. I'm addicted to MMO's and i think i am going insane because i spent the last 6 hours just trying to make money and realizing that i had the key to messing with my servers economy and flooding it with supplies slowly but surely.
4. I get told i'm kind...? not that sure about that but i guess that's a thing.
5. I am prone to panic attacks and being hyper or lazy depending on random variables that oh look a CAT!
6. My social skills suck and i am Autistic and it shows
7. when did this become a list of non-redeeming features
8. i tend to be thickheaded and don't understand when i do something wrong at times (Trait of being Autistic)
my best example would be shiina mashiro if i had to describe how i am when it comes to understanding people (which is funny as alot of people headcanon her as Autistic when she is just a savant but i can understand why people do that watching her made me think she was Autistic.. ._.
9. i tend to go offtopic and c: yeah...

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Posted 7/10/16
Oopsie! The familiar double thread. Closed.
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