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Is anime creativity dying?
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Posted 7/11/16
Because people have different tastes. What you grew up with is different from what others grew up with.
And to start with, I don't like extra long anime. Too daunting, and I end up dropping 30 episodes in.

Back to the anime stuff, the producers make what they think will sell. They see what sells, and they make more of it.

You seem to not like LN/WN sourced anime, stuff which is on the rise. Re:Zero rose to #10 WN after its anime debut (was nowhere near before), the rest of the top ten have no anime. Reincarnation to a fantasy world is an extremely popular genre in the WN world, so there's a lot of that coming. I would be surprised if Mushoku Tensei, ShieldBro, Arifureta, and the likes don't get an anime in the coming years. Hell, Mushoku Tensei needs an anime, it's been sitting on the #1 spot for years.
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Posted 7/11/16 , edited 7/12/16

onemannation2012 wrote:

Anime is for kids i mean you have to have know or its for teens. Anime creativity, in my opinion and i still think i am right is dying. I get the point that where is hard to do anything original and creative nowadays. But this isnt the case i think alot of anime just use the same shxt, cute girls, weak guy, etc etc. AND why is that a SHIT anime like zero, SAO, Naruto, one piece have such a fan based and why can they have alot of seasons. Next point way does anime creative alot of shxt and just give us a damn good one with more season and not 12 or 24.

Why have 20 plus of shxt with 12 esp. than 5 with 100 plus with a solid anime?

And what is up with the 5 min animes what you just want monkey or yourve just too damn lazy.

also why do theyt still use the nose bleed shxt also, the cloud to stop to the boobs or the jvv. hehe yes i call it that.

maybe, i am uneducated someone enlighten me.

ps no naruto wasnt bad and so was sao but they have gotten bad with the bs.

You know, you should really learn to spellcheck and proofread your posts.

What I got out of this post was "wah why can't it all be like my favorite anime which maybe 50 other people like, I want to complain about anime because complaining about anime is the hipster thing to do today". Seriously, that's kind of what you sound like.

And you know what?

You're sitting there whining about anime being like this, and conveniently ignoring the fact that everything is like this. Movies, books, video games, live-action TV. In every country, everywhere.

And you know what? It's actually always been like this. It's just that you're noticing it more because you've had more exposure.

Let me counter your little rant with something non-anime-related: Back in the 80s, I used to love sitcoms. Then I grew up. The only 80s sitcoms that are still funny to me are Night Court and...that's actually it. Just Night Court. For that matter, the only half-hour comedy I've legitimately enjoyed since then was Scrubs.

Hour-long scripted format TV? The list of those shows I actively follow these days is depressingly short. The list of those shows that have finished their run which I followed all the way through is just as depressingly short.

Movies? Dear GOD don't get me started.

Bottom line, it doesn't matter if you're talking scripted TV, anime, movies, video games, or books--everything is subject to Sturgeon's Law. Some anime fans have somehow gotten it in their heads that anime is supposed to be "teh better than everything else", while conveniently ignoring that it's just another form of media, and just as subject to the same pitfalls as everything else.

Bad anime have always been out there. Always. You're just more aware of them now because the streaming services are simulcasting more of them.
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19 / O / Korriban
Posted 7/11/16
In my opinion, pretty much any anime now, good or bad, is better than some of the trash coming off Cartoon Network...Sure some stuff may be decent, but when you get to the point of recycling shows ( Teen Titans to Teen Titans Go), much like movie remakes, it loses any novelty of the original. Mix that with poor humor (really, an episode all about saying "waffle"), compared with an actual plot-line, no matter how terrible, in some of the newer anime, they suck.

Also, one episode is not always enough time to judge a show...
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Posted 7/11/16
Obviously money talks but put the blame where it really needs to lie, with Fandom itself.

If Fandom supported more good original works, you'd see a lot more creativity in Anime in general, but since fandom only seems to support the stuff you feel is bad, then you're left disappointed..

I personally am not a big fan of the Shonnen stuff, but I know a lot of people like it and it sells, so I just have to put up with it.

Also, a show doesn't have to have 100+ episodes to tell a decent story, for me, it can take 3 , 10 , or 100+ as long as it has a decent ending to it (even if I disagree with it like Akame ga Kill). I never have understood the obsession some fans have never wanting a series to end, I get the whole comfort food analogy but I need that closure.
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Posted 1/3/18
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